Visualization is a really powerful supplemental tool, which you can utilize on your success journey, to support you to build belief, encourage activity and help you to stay focused on achieving your vision. It is by no means a standalone process, which on its own, is going to deliver the meaning and fulfillment you want in your life. Visualization without clarity of vision, meaningful goals, workable action plans and daily goal specific activity is merely delusion. Once you have mastered the art of visualization, you will have discovered a powerful success tool to support, uplift and encourage you as you traverse the path towards the success you desire, no more and no less.

Learn the Skills of Visualization

Visualization is one of the most important supplemental success tools in any success seekers toolbox. It can and will support you, as you inexorably move towards the meaning and fulfillment you want to invite into your life. Science is proving that the mind cannot tell the difference between an experience, which is imagined and one that is real. An event which is imagined or recalled in vivid detail will evoke similar emotions and an identical physical response, to those experienced, when actually experiencing the event in real time.

Using visualization techniques, you can completely immerse yourself in any experience, past or future, as frequently or as often as you want. When visualizing any experience, which you want to have in the future, your subconscious mind, will not know that it is not real and as such you can actually experience what it will be like to live that life of meaning and fulfillment at any time of your choosing. This is a really powerful tool, which you can use to help you internalize any future possibility, which you want to. Vivid internalized pictures of the future success you want to live will make that truth both believable and achievable and eventually with consistent focus and activity, it will become your new truth.

Remember that we are made up of nothing more than vibrational specks of energy. When you look at anything in the universe under an electron microscope, all you will see are flashes of energy and huge expanses of open space. So allow yourself to you have an open mind, for the rest of this article. One that is willing to allow it to walk into the realm of quantum physics.

Now imagine your thoughts as merely a vibration of energy in the quantum field. So when you visualize a future truth, which you internalize and as stated before your subconscious mind is unable tell whether it is real or not, you are creating a thought with a particular frequency, at which it will vibrate. The vibrational energy that this internal truth, your visualized affirmation, sends out, will then correspond with a similar vibration of energy in the quantum field and the physical manifestation of that thought, which matches that vibrational frequency, will be drawn toward you.

Or put more simply you have created an intention, which vibrates at a certain frequency, internalized it and projected it into the quantum field, where the power of that intention, will drive and inspire you to do what it takes to bring that physical manifestation into your experience.

Experience Required

Visualization is similar to daydreaming, except it is more focused and done for a specific purpose. When daydreaming you imagine a pleasant experience (usually to avoid dealing with an unpleasant one). When using visualization as a powerful tool to create a vivid picture in your mind, where you actually experience your future goals and dreams as achieved. You will create as much realistic detail as possible about the success you desire. Visualizing, as opposed to daydreaming, activates each of your senses so that you see, feel, hear, taste and smell the reality of the experience.

For Example: if one of your stated goals is to own Holiday home in Balito Bay. In your visualization, you would actually see yourself walking around in the house. Visualize yourself actually walking into each room, check out what you see, in each of the rooms, explore the views outside of the windows, smell the fresh earth outside or the perfume of the geraniums in the lush flower garden, which you have planted outside, hear the sounds of the waves lapping on the beach and feel the soft evening breeze off the sea, against your skin. You might even walk the property, inspect the beach, picnic on the beach, enjoying the serenity as you gaze out to sea, even see yourself kick-start your scooter as you embark on a casual ride into town to buy an ice cream.

Put Yourself in the Picture

The key to utilizing visualization as a powerful success tool is to see yourself as being as active as possible, within the visualization. It isn’t simply a holiday home at the coast; it’s your holiday home and you’re living in it. Don’t see everything as though it is being recorded on a camera, actually allow yourself to be there. Move as though you are moving around the house in the flesh. It is important to view everything around you through your eyes, feel everything as though it is happening to you in that moment. The more you can actually see, feel, hear and even touch things in the holiday home, the greater the power of the intention you are able to create.

Actually see the carpet and furnishings, feel the furniture as you relax on the leather sofa, and smell the nourishing soup cooking on the stove. As you visualize the perfect future, which you want in your life, allow yourself to experience all the positive emotions, which would go with living that life. Feel the joy of accomplishment knowing that you have earned it and it that it is exactly as you thought it would be.

For Example: if your goal is to ski in Switzerland. In your visualization, actually see your ski tips as they push through the powder, feel the edges bite, and perhaps even bounce in your chair slightly as you gracefully navigate the mogul field. Because your mind thinks it is real, your body will react as if it actually is taking place. And it is precisely those strong feelings or vibrations, which will be sent out as your intention into the quantum field.
You are responsible for all the thoughts you have and the images you create in your mind, ensure that you only create images and thoughts, which support the success you want to invite into your life.

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