Wealth can be defined as any number of things, experiences, or manifestations. In the online seminar series I present, wealth is defined as "an increase in anything that is important to you." So wealth could be more smiles from friends, more money, or more of a profound and distinct experience of your relationship to . . . anything. Wealth doesn't even have to be "an accumulation of" because we don't necessarily stock up on smiles or experiences. This increase could be actual or perceived. It's simply an increase in anything that is important to you. With "to you" being the key phrase. It's you who defines what wealth represents, regardless of whatever coaching, mentoring, examples, or advice you have ever gotten. It's your abundance after all!

The next question I invariably get is always "How?" "How do I increase my wealth?" And the one answer I always give is "I don't know." I do not know, nor do you, exactly how things are going to work out so that you get what you desire. I only trust that they will. It's like fishing. You throw out your line and then sit back and relax, and the irony is the more you relax, the more bites you get on your line! Manifestation is no different. Throw out your line, and then trust that something will take the bait. With the bait being the asking you have given to The Universe, and the relaxing being trusting that what you have asked for will come, no matter what. It's also important that you are there to pull in the line when it gets a hit; to be present and aware. It's also not important that you know what kind of fish you are going to reel in. All fish are good, all wealth is important to appreciate. Sometimes we get the new house by paying cash, and at others, someone gives it to us. At other times, we take out a mortgage, but the point is, that we are living within the house we love.

Regarding affirmations and visualizations, the following processes are offered so that the visualization and affirmation work you do will be the most effective possible. Effective for you having what you desire.

What do you visualize when you are attempting to manifest something? The exact thing that you desire? That is one way of asking, but not the most effective way. I would imagine that for most of us, we are pretty clear on what we want. Take money for instance. We want more money, and usually what people visualize with regard to money are the things that money will buy. That's one way of doing it, but there is a much more effective way that will get you what you want, and much faster. Instead of visualizing things, after you ask, just trust that what you have asked for will come, and that you do not know the "how" in relationship to that manifestation. What you do know, however, is how you imagine you will feel after receiving your good. The one key, best, most effective way of manifesting in real time and space, and the fastest, is to instead of visualizing about things, imagine your feelings in response to receiving what you want.

That's right, imagine how you would feel so good once you arrive at the manifesting success you desire. Bask in appreciation for what you going to receive, as if you have already received it. This isn't about faking anything, this is about purposely creating the feelings you imagine you would have upon getting what you want. You certainly do know that! You may not know exactly how you are going to feel, but you certainly already know how you imagine it's going to feel-much better than you are feeling right now! You have to be already imagining that, or you wouldn't want to manifest your desires in the first place, because the only reason we desire more of anything, is that we think we are going to feel better in the receiving of it.

In visualization, once you imagine the thing you want, a car for instance, let that picture go. You already have it in mind, you already know what the thing is, now focus on how you are going to feel elated in relationship to receiving it. In this way, the great permission slip we have inside of us, is being prepared to receive. And it's the getting into the receiving mode through visualization that's the most important aspect of your visualization work. The car you want? The house you desire? The money you imagine? The relationship with an already existing person somewhere out there? That car, that house, that money, that person, does not need to be created by you, because that manifestation already exists in real time and real space, and you are wasting your energy "trying to create it" since it's already existing! That person? If they're your age, or near it, then they have to already exist.

In this way, you will spend your time and energy doing what is the most effective thing possible in visualization work, and that is to devote your entire focus to how you feel inside. Feel good about something, and it's a request to The Universe, a literal "go ahead" signal for the receiving of more. Feel good about the money you have? Then feel good about the more money you will receive. Feel good about someone in your life? Then feel good about more wonderful someone's in your life. The list goes on.

With regard to affirmations, the most effective way to affirm is to tell the truth. Do not say that "I am rich" when you are not. Instead, if rich is what you desire to be, then you can say "I am getting richer and richer every day." In this way, even if you find a single penny on the ground, then you are getting richer and richer, because what part of the whole million dollars do you think that single penny isn't as part of? Truth is, it's a part of the whole thing! And the more appreciative you are of each and every single part of what you desire to manifest, the more your affirmations of wealth will lead you to having the whole thing. Your affirmations aren't a way to "get" the Universe to give to you, because it's already a given that "Yes" is all that It ever says to any one of us, and for whatever we are asking for. What affirmations are, is a way to clean off that permission slip inside of us, so that we can then fill it out with what we desire, hand it over to Source, and then sit back and wait for the bites on our line!

Through the most effective combined use of truthful affirmations, and feeling based instead of picture based visualizations, you will use two of the most powerful tools in the best way possible, all for the purpose of having what you desire actually manifest. Here's to your truthful, feeling good! May the world work for everyone, with no one and nothing left out.

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!(tm) a thirty week online seminar series designed for your success! www.onepennymillionaire.com