It's testosterone that makes the man, or so scientists say. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is involved at all levels of male performance and satisfaction, and low testosterone levels have been implicated with all manner of sexual health problems. Instead of spending large quantities of money on testosterone supplements and medications, it is possible for men to improve their male hormone levels by using penis-specific vitamins, such as vitamin C. Antioxidants like vitamin C have a direct effect on libido, fertility and testosterone production in men.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the best known essential nutrients required by the human body for health and vitality. First discovered in 1747 by naval surgeon James Lind as a component of citrus fruit that prevented the disease, scurvy, most vitamin C products are now either synthetically produced in a laboratory setting or extracted from natural sources, such as citrus fruit, rosehips, berries and vegetables. Few animal products are rich in vitamin C, though some Inuit tribes in North America consume whale meat and whale skin as their main dietary source of vitamin C. Since its discovery, researchers have found vitamin C to be an essential ingredient for making the body healthy, as it prevents atherosclerosis, reduces cognitive decline, speeds wound healing, prevents scarring, balances stress hormones, fights free radicals and supports a strong immune system. In addition, vitamin C plays a specific role in the sexual health and fertility of men.

Male hormones

Male hormones, in particular the steroid hormone known as testosterone, are sensitive to changes in vitamin C. This is important for men to realize, as testosterone effects all sorts of health parameters -- sexual desire, libido, arousal, fertility, muscle development, energy, mood balance, and aging. Testosterone is produced primarily by the testicles, and, to a lesser extent, by the adrenal glands on top of the kidneys. When fatigue, stress, poor nutrition and disease causes problems in testosterone production, it may affect sexual health. Researchers from Al Azhar University in Egypt found that patients with infertility, impotence and varicoceles all had significantly reduced testosterone levels. While medications and creams are available which supply synthetic testosterone hormones, it is possible for men to increase their testosterone levels naturally and safely with vitamin C supplements.

The Vitamin C Effect

Vitamin C may not sound like the most masculine form of treatment for improving testosterone production, but surprisingly there is much more research being done on this antioxidant vitamin than many other expensive natural health products, such as tribulus terrestris or maca. Vitamin C improves both the health of the adrenal gland and the testicles, supporting two different levels of testosterone production. Men with high vitamin C levels in the blood also have healthier sperm, less acidic semen and increased libido. In one study, researchers from Firat University in Turkey found that vitamin C supplementation caused a significant improvement in sperm production and testosterone levels. In addition, a Korean study found that vitamin C supplementation protected the male reproductive system from the heavy metal cadmium -- an environment toxin present in car exhaust, tobacco smoke and industrial waste. Testicular cells were protected by the vitamin C and healthy testosterone levels were restored.

Health crèmes

While vitamin C supplements are easily purchased over-the-counter in supermarkets and pharmacies, it is well known by many men that vitamin C often passes through the system and into the urine in large quantities. This problem can be bypassed by using vitamin C crèmes in the form of professional health crèmes and penis health crèmes. Penis health crèmes contain levels of vitamin C that can be absorbed into the blood stream directly, bypassing digestion, and into the local tissues. Specialist products(most professionals recommend Man1Man Oil) support connective tissue health, nerve function, and male hormone levels by combining vitamin C with other active ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E, vitamin A, alpha lipoic acid and L-arginine.

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