Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D is a vital substance for life. Vitamin D has regulatory roles in immunity, insulin secretion, blood pressure and calcium metabolism, which is vital for normal functioning of the nervous system, as well as for bone growth and maintenance of bone density.
The modern lifestyle does not incorporate much exposure to the sun on a regular basis. The raw materials for Vitamin D are 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin and ultraviolet B light from sun rays. UVB converts 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin into a precursor of Vitamin D, called Vitamin D3, which is further converted in the liver and kidneys to produce the final product, Vitamin D.
Even if you expose your skin to sunlight, if the intelligence of your skin is low, Vitamin D3 will not be produced in sufficient quantities to meet the body’s needs.
The skin has a vibrational filter called loma randhra. This vibrational filter allows prana to be absorbed through the skin, and blocks any unwanted prana from entering.
If the loma randhra is clogged by vibrational or physical toxins, the needed prana cannot enter the body through the skin. This may be a significant factor for Vitamin D deficiency today.
The loma randhra in the skin is also connected to the dehagni (the power of cellular transformation). Any prana that is allowed to enter through the skin gets transformed by the many cellular reactions of the dehagni (the micro-agnis throughout the body).
Dehagni, in turn is connected to the panchabhutagnis in the liver, where more processing takes place.
The absorption and transformation of UVB to Vitamin D depends on the intelligence of the loma randhra, dehagni and panchabhutagnis. If the loma randhra in the skin is ok, but the dehagni (at the cellular level) is weak, there will be a weak link in the chain of transformation. Likewise, if loma randhra and dehagni are good, but the panchabhutagnis in the liver are weak, then again Vitamin D production will go down.
Even if Vitamin D is ingested it must still undergo two hydroxylations in the body for activation: one in the liver and one in the kidneys. If the liver is bogged down by toxins, and the panchabhutagnis (flames of the liver) are not firing properly, the supplement of Vitamin D3 will not get transformed into active Vitamin D.
Almost everyone living a modern lifestyle has a lot of toxins in the liver (affecting the panchabhutagnis), as well as a lot of toxins in the whole body (affecting the dehagni) and is exposed to toxins regularly on the skin (affecting the loma randhra). Strengthening the bhutagnis, dehagni and loma randhra is essential if Vitamin D levels are to return to a balanced state.
EMF (electromagnetic frequency) is especially detrimental to the production of Vitamin D because it affects the liver (bhutagnis), the skin (loma randhra) and the whole body (dehagni). Vibrational nature of EMF toxins interact with the vibrational filter in the skin, the loma randhra. This may directly hinder UVB absorption.
Eating canned food, leftovers, makes the liver less intelligent, and can make the liver become toxic. The liver is the place where Vitamin D3 (from the skin, from natural food sources, or from foods fortified with Vitamin D) has to be transformed into active Vitamin D. For this reason, the liver has to be very intelligent. Any foods that “dumb down” the liver could be a potential cause for low Vitamin D.
It is not enough to bring the Vitamin D blood levels up using supplements. Instead, the true etiological factors must be isolated and addressed for each person if there is to be any hope of a stable state for this important vitamin in the body.
Narain Balchandani
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