I had a busy week last week and to say that I was a little ‘flat’ was an understatement. Thinking about energy brought me to today’s topic – Vitamins and Vampires!

“Now what in the world has this got to do with marketing!” I can hear you say?

Well, marketing and chasing your goals and dreams can sometimes leave us feeling frustrated or despondent. We can get to the “is this ever going to work” place.
When this happens to you it is the support of others that you need – people that believe in YOU and your dreams – unconditionally.

What happens to a lot of us is our friends and family aren’t always that person for us – with a few ‘words of sense and wisdom’ they can shatter our dreams and undermine our confidence, not that they meant to – they were just being practical and trying to save us from hardship. They can be seen as the Vampires in your life – the people you are around that leave you feeling less happy, less enthusiastic and less motivated when you have spent some time with them.
They could be friends or family. They could even be your customers – you know which ones I mean – the ones that you ‘dread’ when you see their name appear on your cellphone!

Sometimes, however, it is just really lonely being a “solo-entrepreneur”. You may spend your day talking to people, but that is because you have to – it is your job – not because you want to. I know a few business owners who go to networking events just so they can socialize and be with others, away from their computer and their desk.

This is where having a “mastermind group” comes into play.

Sometimes the best supporters of your dreams and goals are those people who don’t know you too well and can lend you their unconditional support and encouragement. They are also great to ‘bounce’ ideas off, as they have no emotion invested in the outcome like you do. Their job is to just listen to you, help you if they can and support you in your decision, your amazing journey and hold you accountable for progress.

I can speak from experience just how amazing having a “mastermind group” can be & how much energy and enthusiasm we can give to each other.
Since I joined a Mastermind Group I have achieved far more in a really short space of time than I would have believed possible. They have become my source of ‘Vitamins’ for my business. They uplift me, they support me and because they are all from completely different industries and target markets, they can often come up with really helpful solutions when I am feeling ‘stuck’.

Take a look around you this week, at your friends and clients and figure out:

“Are you surrounding yourself with Vampires or Vitamins?” If you don’t like what you see – how are you going to change it and give yourself the best possible chance for success?

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Adele Howell-Pryce is a Business Coach that specialises in working with Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs helping them to do three things. Find More Clients, Close More Sales and Make More Money in their businesses. Want to read more articles like these - check out the archive at www.1stopmarketingsuccess.com