Visiting someone can be a very healthy welcome wonder, for we may enjoy inspiring insights, facilitate new friends, enjoy edibles, convincing conversation, long laughs, delicious desserts, and overall, an enviable evening. It is, usually, a nice exciting evening!
Of course, visiting relations(if one enjoys their relations), friends(not freaky ones), neighbors(if they are not nitwits), are events we all look forward to at almost any time, regardless of our age – for, whether we like it or not, we are naturally sincere social beings.
However; there are plenty of places of all terrific types all over our pleasing planet that our sincere selves can, and would, absolutely love to locate, and sensibly spend some terrific times using our optical orbs(eyeballs) to observe, irregardless of the mooch moola we would have to part with. There are captivating cafes where we would mange to munch on all sorts of sumptuous goodies, dine on a stupendous steak, and pig-out with a piece of pie – or maybe just concentrate on a cup of coffee. Plus, we may even get lucky enough to meet some new individuals who are indigenous to the area, who will tell us some local tall tales…or maybe find out some facts of an antique artist, and possible of an adventurous attraction.
And there is always the prolific possibility that we may wish to embark on additional adventures to other placating places such as a colorful vivid and forested valley with a myriad of various fabulous flowers to caress our newly embellished eyes. Then again, we may decide to drive to a sea of serenity where we would enjoy the enticing waves, with their longing lure of longevity into a fantasy of foreverness. Also enviable would be an excursion to some majestic mountains, where the surrounding scenes of scenic vistas would enhance our eyes with a precious panorama of all the beauty below.
All adventures that would endear us to others and our bodacious and beautiful earth is always a warm welcome to any hearty heart. But, every now and then, we should ask the quizzical question of how long has it been since we sincerely visited ourselves? We can, and should, find ourselves a personal solitude of serenity, meander through the pages of our mind. And maybe ask a few questions, such as:
Are we always allowing others to direct our destiny, or are we creating our own?
Are we giving our children happy and healthy hugs everyday? For it causes them to continually grow, and automatically know they can com to us in their time of need.
Are we aware that down deep within our sensible souls are the articulate answers to our everyday questions of survival?
Are we evermore educating our children on how to discover their myriad amount of tantalizing talents and abilities?
How far within ourselves have we sincerely searched for the multitude of methods that are always available for us to improve our evermore evolving lives?
When did we last decide to further develop our delicate emotions by realizing that we always have the ability in our bodacious brains to seek out the answers to problems, by reading good books, and thereby discovering that we do have the capabilities to control them?
Do we really realize that, no matter what amount of material and assorted assets we may own, that in order to be true to ourselves, and enjoy a deep prolific peace within, we must always remind our happy hearts that we are only “bags of mostly water”(humans), and still deserve to live a long, vivid, and happy life?
Now is the magical moment to make the deserving decision to delve deep within our cerebral cortex, actually activate the electrical and chemical synaptic connections, and tell ourselves that we are going to visit a very wonderful individual who has a pleasing personality, an attractive attitude, a sensible sense of humor, a beautiful brain, comprehensive common-sense, and of course, is good-looking. Plus, the real reality is that all we have to do in order to visit that vivacious individual, is to peer into a mirror, and there that wonderful person is! Imagine what you can do next!

Author's Bio: 

(J) Marshall Wade is the author of 24 books about self improvement and related subjects