As a humanitarian, certain services are counted among projects close to heart. Volunteer services are known to bridge the cultural divide through love, care and compassion. One can bring several changes to social life of nearby areas and abroad by opting for the services.

In the present scenario, the services can be categorised in several ways as per the specific volunteer programs. Check out the following types and useful information about them.

Retired & senior volunteering

RSVP that stands for Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme is unique. No one is rejected for this type as there is no age limit to be a part of the service kind. Projects are led and organised by volunteers and this is the reason why there is no age limit.

One can make things happen in the community if have energy, passion and enthusiasm. One limit is there only and that is imagination. Programs involve tasks like driving older patients to hospital appointments, knit teddies & blankets, read or share things with school children, provide blankets for children who have suffered any trauma and much more.


The kind of services for which one may have to live for six months to a complete year out of home is called as full time volunteering. The volunteer programs are all about dedicating time in helping others. Individuals are trained and supported at each and every step and get free accommodation and certain subsistence including food and day to day expenses. To change someone’s life, it is important to have proper knowledge and for this the programs include training in which individuals are offered all kind of knowledge to make them capable and to perform better.

Volunteers in child protection

The kind of services in which it is expected from the individuals to understand the difficulties faced by the families and offer friendship, support and useful advice is called as volunteering for child protection. The services are actually dedicated to listen to families, act as a strong role model for them by offering needed practical help and support.

Apart from these three, there are several other types of volunteer programs like for environment & wildlife, women & youth, community development, teach & coach overseas, learn abroad and much more. To opt for any of these volunteer services, individuals are required to fulfil different requirements like travel destination, travel program, fitness level, ideal age and lots more. Decide the best suitable one for you and serve the mankind.

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