It has been said that human beings are inherently vulnerable, but this doesn’t mean that a being from another planet would be able to see this if they came down to earth. This being may come to conclude that although there are some people that are, there are others that aren’t.

This could be an outlook that they developed after they observed people walking around a shopping area or paid close attention to a few relationships. Based on what they have experienced, it could seem as though only some human beings are inherently vulnerable, while others are more or less invulnerable.

The First Example

During the time that they spent in a shopping area, they may have comes across people who looked sad or even anxious. It will then have been clear that they were not in a good way and needed support.

Not only this, these people didn’t have the need to cover up what was going on for them. Ultimately, they were feeling vulnerable and it was possible for others to realise this if they paid attention.

A Difference

Along with the people who came across in this way, they may have seen others who were emotionless. It was then as though life had no effect on them, with them being above the problems that others have.

Furthermore, there may have been people who looked fierce, creating the impression that they were different to other human beings. So although life fazed others, it had no impact on them.

The Second Example

When it came to the time they spent watching different people interact, they may have had a very similar experience. One person may have expressed their emotions and/or spoken about their challenges, whereas the other may not have expressed any emotions and/or only spoken about how well they were doing.

There may have even been moments when one person was upset or anxious and another person told them to get it together. From the onside, it would have been seemed as though one of them was weak and the other was strong.

Final Assessment

If this being was to leave the planet after this and didn’t look any deeper into human nature, there would be no reason for them to believe that all human beings are inherently vulnerable. But, based on what they have observed throughout their time here, why would they have a different outlook?

In order for this being to gain a deeper understanding of what is actually going on, they would need to look beyond what they see - to look into why one person would embrace their true nature and another wouldn’t. Nonetheless, this being might not be interested in looking deeper.

Back to Reality

Clearly, a human being could come to the conclusion that some people are vulnerable and some people aren’t; it is not only something that a being from another planet would conclude. One way to look at this would be to say that some people feel comfortable being vulnerable, while there are others that don’t.

If someone does feel comfortable with being vulnerable, it is likely to have a positive effect on their life. For one thing, they won’t have to need wear a mask and therefore, to hide what is really going on for them.

Deeper Connections

Thanks to this, they will be able to open up to the people in their life about how they feel or what their challenges are. And what this will do is allow the people in their life to feel close to them.

It will be easier for these people to relate to them and to see that one is no different to them in this regard. And through seeing one open up and talk about their own challenges, it could mean that these people will also open up.

A Strong Shell

If someone doesn’t feel comfortable with being vulnerable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be aware of this; coming across as strong and as though nothing bothers could be something that just happens. Even so, they are not going to allow themselves to show any emotions that might cause another person to see them as weak or to open up about their challenges.

This could then mean that they don’t have very deep connections with others, and the people who they do spend time with could also behave in the same way. If one was to come across someone who was comfortable with being vulnerable, they could see them as being weak.

A Closer Look

Keeping their guard up at all times is going to be what feels comfortable, and until this is no longer the case, there is going to be no reason for them to change. What this could illustrate is that their early years were a time when it wasn’t safe for them to open up.

Shutting down and disconnecting from their own emotions would have been a way for them to survive. If they opened up they may have been physically and/or verbally abused, and they may have been abandoned.


If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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