If you are thinking about the perfect holiday, your mind may naturally go towards the beach or a road trip. While these are both great options, they are likely things that you and your family have done in the past. If you are looking for a new and exciting holiday adventure, think about one of our VW camper vans to take on the road with you. When you choose to take a camper van on holiday with you, you are essentially driving around your home for the duration of your holiday. This means that you have the flexibility to see whatever sites you desire and still have the comforts of home with you at all times. Having a camper van will also allow you to save time and money searching for hotels! All you will have to do is find a spot where you can park your van and you will be good for the night!

When you embark on camper van holidays, you'll be able to travel by your own schedule. Some people choose to take one of the VW camper vans and just start driving. Even if you do not have a destination in mind, you'll be able to stop and see whatever sites come up along the way. Sometimes not having a plan or time schedule can actually be the best plan of all! A lot of travellers like to set a time span for their trip and pack all of the stops they can into that time. This allows them to take off in whatever direction they please and stop at places like parks and landmarks along the way. Since the Southampton Campers at https://www.southamptonvwcamperhire.co.uk are fully equipped, you'll be able to live functionally out of the camper for however long you choose to, whether it is a couple of days or a couple of weeks!

When you choose to plan a camper van holidays, you'll realise that you have a lot more time with your family than you may on a traditional holiday. Since you will all be in the camper van, you'll be closer to each other than you may be if you were at a big resort. This means you will have more time together to see the sights and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you have children, this is a great time for them to unplug from technology and enjoy the great outdoors. By the end of your camper van trip, the kids may have a new appreciation for the natural world that they are surrounded by every day. When your kids grow up, they will reflect upon your travel adventures as adults. If you are travelling without kids, you can enjoy time with your travelling partner or by yourself enjoying all of the gifts that nature has to offer. If you are really feeling into nature, you can pitch a tent outside the camper van to make the most out of your experience! Whether you choose to travel to famous landmarks, tour parks, or simply observe whatever nature you run into, you're sure to have a great time in your camper van on your next holiday.

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Alasdair Walker is a content and marketing director at Best Scottish Cottages, finding the best ways to travel around Scotland and the South.