Sometimes we amaze ourselves by the amount of inner strength that we draw from. Our inner strength guides us with patience and understanding among other things. While we tend to downplay or simply avoid where our strength comes from, we know it’s there.

You need to start over, or better yet, recreate you. This happens when you look at something through a different point of view, or you become enlightened by the true meaning of its content, for an example, starting over. Whether it is a new relationship, a new home, a new state and so forth; you are drawing from your inner strength to guide you to your new reinvented self.

Patience is learned and one of life’s many lessons. Its’ like karma; if you don’t learn the true meaning of it the first time, the universe throws more of life’s hard lessons at you; it forces you to learn about it, and take it seriously. For an example, if you don’t have patience and don’t want to wait, you make irrational decisions. You might have made the wrong choice. Instead of waiting to see how the situation unfolds, you jump the gun and assume something.

Having patience presents you with the opportunity to run different scenarios through your mind, without acting upon them. Patience is a gift, it teaches you how to appreciate each and every moment that you have. It teaches you how fragile each and every breath is.

When the waiting is over and you know, there comes a true realization of what life has in store for you. And whatever that maybe; you have a greater sense of how to treasure it. There is no bad, only good. You can only look at it as a good because it is an opportunity. An opportunity at life, with each and every breath.

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I have a website that is designed to help others. I do believe that we are here on this earth to learn from each other. I don't think that we give each other enough credit. I know our world can be harsh and cold and some people might not necessarily have family or friends to count on. I write all my articles and blogs. All are meant to offer hope and encouragement for others.

I wrote two books "Walk in Peace" and "My Soulful Journey" which can be purchased at Again, these books are tools to help you through whatever it is that you might be going through. It is to offer you hope and encouragement.

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