When did you last experience Wonder?

I was blessed to get a dose last night—a spontaneous gift that came from watching my children experience a puppet show at our local zoo’s “Wild Lights” holiday celebration.

The show was about how Bug Superpowers (we were in the Insectarium, after all) defeat “Old Man Winter.” We found out how praying mantises, monarch butterflies, wooly worms and bees survived Winter’s worst dose of wintry mix. I enjoyed the show myself; what I enjoyed even more was watching my kids get pulled into the story.

Bridget is 10 and still has the innocence of a much younger child. Each time a new bug appeared, she would gasp with awe. She was totally entranced.

Even more amazingly, Maddie, who is 15 and typically much too cool for this sort of thing, got pulled into the magic. She was laughing–full belly laughs. What a gift to see her dimple!

The thing about Wonder is, you can’t plan for it or manufacture it. It doesn’t come in a store, or in a package. You can’t buy it or expect it to come in any particular form. If you go that route, you’ll only be disappointed.

Because Wonder is only Wonder when it takes you by surprise, when it grabs your heart and rips it open and leaves you raw and breathless with how beautiful life is. How beautiful we all are. Every one of us.

Whatever holy days you celebrate during this Season of Wonder, I wish you at least one moment of watching the light emerge from the darkness in your own life, your own heart. You don’t have to go looking for it. Be present. Wonder will find you.

With a joyful heart,

Kimberly Schneider



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