Walking Barefoot

c.2011, Susun Weed


With the weather so warm and mild, we are still going barefoot, though we are well into the middle of November!

I love to let my bare feet inform me. What do they tell me?

First, they let me know how my health is. Reflexologists say that there is a reflex point on the bottom of the foot that relates to each organ and system of the body.

One of my first teacher (Margo Geiger) was a reflexologist. She would go into a room, choose the least healthy looking person there, drop down on the floor next to them, take a foot in her hands, remove the shoe and sock and elicit a scream, all within less than a minute. 

So, when I walk around barefoot, I notice where there is any pain in my feet. Reflexology charts are easy to find. Just connect the pain and the part of the body represented and take a giant step forward into health. 

Second, my bare feet bring me the energy of the earth. When we wear shoes, which have rubber or other insulating materials as the sole, Earth Energy is blocked off. My bare feet connect me to the endless flow of loving, healing energy that emanates from the earth. I can feel it tingling up my legs and building my personal power, helping my body stay in rhythm, and putting a spring in my step. 

You can experience this merely by taking off your shoes and placing your bare feet on the ground. No need to walk around if that is a challenge to you. Even five minutes a day of bare feet on the earth can have amazing repercussions on your health. 

Third, my bare feet cause me to slow down and to pay attention to my surroundings. Consciousness and presence are natural outcomes of going barefoot. A greater connection to nature is another. 

Fourth, my bare feet remind me that every step is a blessing. I am blessed to be alive in these amazing times. Every step is a blessing. I am blessing each thing my feet touch. Every step is a blessings. I am filled with gratitude to have a body. Every step is a blessing. Barefoot is a meditation. Each step is a blessing. 

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