If you are trying for a baby, then you may want to put on your walking shoes. A recent study has discovered that factors such as physical activity could improve the ability to conceive and that even something as simple as walking may make it easier to become pregnant.

The recent study was based on women aged between 18 and 40 who had already lost one or two pregnancies. Researchers discovered that overall there wasn’t a relationship between most types of physical activity and the chances of becoming pregnant for women who had already lost one or two babies, but the exception was walking. Women who were overweight or classified as being obese were found to be more likely to become pregnant when they began walking.

If these findings are confirmed, then it is important because going out for a walk is a modifiable factor that is easy for anyone to do. It’s vital research, because walking more frequently is a simple lifestyle change, even when only walking for short distances. It’s also low-cost as you just need a decent pair of shoes to get started.

During the study, researchers found that the link between walking and the ability to get pregnant varied according to body mass index. Women who were overweight or obese and who began walking at least 10 minutes each time were found to have an improved chance of becoming pregnant. Researchers also discovered that women who took part in four hours of vigorous activity each week were significantly more likely to become pregnant compared to women who took no strenuous exercise. As the moment, researchers aren’t sure about the different associations between vigorous, moderate and low-intensity activities.

We are still discovering more about how exercise can help reduce the risk of severe health problems, but increasingly women are encouraged to get fit before pregnancy and to continue exercising moderately while pregnant.

The Importance of Staying Fit during Pregnancy
When a mom-to-be commits to exercise during pregnancy, it has tremendous benefits. Fitter women can enjoy shorter times in labor, will have easier births and are more likely to regain their pre-pregnancy figures more quickly. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t safely exercise and it is possible to maintain a reasonable level of fitness and general health even though your growing baby is placing additional demands on your body. Listed below are a few essential tips to follow.

Get Medical Advice
Taking the proper medical advice from your doctor or obstetrician is the most important thing you can do. They can advise you on how to exercise without harming yourself or your baby.

Don’t Try to Push Yourself Too Hard
It is important not to push yourself too hard while exercising during pregnancy. You should still be able to carry on a normal conversation, and it can be worth monitoring your pulse rate. If you feel excessively tired or faint, then stop exercising immediately.

Take the Time to Stretch Gently
When you are pregnant, then your joints and ligaments soften which helps make the birth easier. While it’s important to stretch after exercise, make sure you stretch gently and don’t overextend your joints.

Stick to a Regular Routine
An exercise routine can help reduce aches and back pain, and it can help to boost your mood. When you work out while pregnant, it helps to build strength and muscle tone, and you will be maintaining the natural rhythm of your body.

Choose the Right Exercises for Pregnancy
Obviously, you can’t do any extreme sports or contact sports during pregnancy, and you shouldn’t take any risks with activities where you could fall. When picking your exercises, use your common sense, and the best type of exercises are low-risk and low-impact activities like Pilates, yoga, swimming, and biking.

Drink Plenty of Water and Keep an Eye on Your Temperature
Regular exercisers will already know it’s important to remain hydrated, but it’s even more vital during pregnancy. Aim to consume plenty of water before exercising and have a bottle of water with you so you can continually top up your hydration levels. Wear light clothing that lets your body breathe, and if you feel yourself becoming too warm then stop and do some cool-down stretches. It’s important to listen to your body, so if you feel you’re becoming too tired then dial back your exercise or choose a gentler activity.

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