Earlier this morning I commented on a debating blog about true security. By the time I was done with my rant the realization was, here is an article with some punch.

Does life limit us? Do we limit us? Does positive or negative thinking limit us? Do others limit us?

When you think of security, be it financial, physical, emotional or other, what comes to mind? What causes you to feel secure?

My take is __

There is no external security!

Yes, we have jobs that provide paychecks, houses to protect us from the weather, walls to keep out the unwanted elements and all types of guarantees. Yet are these permanent, or can they be taken away or be overcome?

If we are honest with ourselves, the answer is yes! Jobs and careers can be lost and are everyday, homes are repossessed or lost in other ways, and the elements we want the walls to keep out, climb the wall or a gate is left open.

The economy was part of this discussion on Linkedin.com with my take being that dependence on Government and other organizations provide a false sense of security. Several Brits and Europeans were involved in the debate and jumped on the comments. Their great people, just misdirected.

It's a lot like living on ice. When the ice is thick enough we become comfortable and complacent. The ice groans and creaks to remind us its ice, but we simple ignore it for various reasons. The groaning and cracking are warnings that things are not right, but we are safe for the moment and continue with our secure feelings.

Then things like a worldwide recession, greedy bankers, government and other elements outside of our control thin the ice! Boy does our thinking and behavior change fast! Carefree walks and other activities now become treacherous excursions as others break through the thin ice. We become more fearful and our actions reflect this. The survival animal starts showing its self in many ways including more litigation among individuals for one.

So what is one to do? I believe it's about how we view the world and the idea of security. Security is one of the main emotional drivers of the human race, even animals, so we cannot ignore it.

Last week a couple walked into the office unannounced. They were looking for possibilities on several fronts and were intrigued by the door signage. Both laid off from long-term employment and were now starting two new enterprises from scratch.

It was obvious their past belief of a job equals security was completely shattered on the floor. They were joining the ranks of the permanently unemployable. Each had a set of skills that others are willing to pay for. They had already started reworking buildings and life style to accommodate their new ventures. They were positive and optimistic, yet realistic in knowing they had work and learning to do. Two niche markets had been identified and it fit their personal passions. Even their behavior was changing, as they dropped into possible new clients and others for insight and possibilities. In sales, this is called "cold calling".

Asking them about how they now viewed "security", the response was, "Not a job". So what is it I asked? "It's about the value we can provide to others. As long as we can provide some form of value others are willing to pay for, we can earn a living and control our futures", was the response.

"You got it", I said. "True security comes from within and realizing that it’s the value we offer to others that provides for our needs."

We can alter how we offer our value if the market or needs change, but if we are totally dependent on others that ability is limited.

Now is it being said that if you are employed you have no security? Absolutely not, but I do have your attention.

Here is the skinny on this view. Security is a feeling; this secure feeling can come from many sources in various ways. The key point is how much of our security feeling is from uncontrollable outside sources.

If you say "All of it" then you have a problem, your ice is really thin if none existent.

On the other hand, you are employed but understand your pay is in direct relation to the value you provide and how the organizations values that contribution. Thus, you take responsibility for your actions, the value you provide and are continually looking for more ways to provide value the organization is willing to pay for.

If you are a true asset to the organization and layoffs come around, what are your chances of staying employed? Even if you are cut, are there other organizations that want your ever-increasing value and are willing to pay for it? The answer is yes, far faster than the other security seekers.

In order to create more "true security" take a shot at these points:

1. Always be aware of your contributions and value provided. Be asking yourself, "How can I increase the value I provide?"

2. Listen for the cracking ice, its warning you there is danger either today or in a few months. Ask yourself "What if I lost __, how would I react?" Then formulate a plan that is in your control, to address this loss if it were to happen.

3. Consider where your feelings of security come from. Are they external and non-controllable or are they more internal and under your influence? Determine how to change the external to an internal source.

4. Be willing to make significant changes in your finances, housing, employment and life style in order to put your security in your hands. Remember, many of those around you maybe on thin ice, which is where you do not want to be.

I do not know if we are climbing out of this recession thing or if there is another hit coming. I do know that those who are continually improving and providing value will always come out on top!

To your success, it's your choice!

Harlan Goerger

© H. Goerger 10-2009

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