There’s a growing interest in the Science of Getting Rich. A lot of people are addressing it as a new concept in philosophy but the reality is that its theories were first documented by Wallace Wattles in the early 1900s. Wattles believed in “thinking in a certain way,” to get the desired results. He was a strong proponent of the unlimited potential we all have to get what we want by using our mental power.

The key, Wallace Wattles, stated was to hold onto your desired end regardless of the current situation. This is the hard part. So many of us think, as a result of our surroundings. We let our surroundings dictate what we think. That thought then feeds back into what we get. For example, many people look at their surroundings and are depressed or upset about them. That creates negative vibrations and in turn, more of the negative situation. It’s a cycle of negative vibrations that feeds on itself.

Wattles believed in doing the opposite. Thoughts should come first. The thing about Wattles philosophy is that he believed in the overwhelming power of thought and the human mind. He believed that we should put it to work for us and get what we want as a result. Wallace Wattles believed that “every thought held consistently in original thinking substance will materialize.” He added, “A thought held in thinking stuff produces the form of the thought.”

Of course, part of the problem is that most people want instant gratification and if they don’t get it, they come up with excuses. “I wanted a raise, but my boss doesn’t see how much I do.” “I want to lose weight, but no matter how much I try, it won’t happen.” Once the “but” comes, there’s probably a negative thought attached to the desire and you kill its chances of growing.

Here’s the thing about goals: no matter what the goal, it will take time to appear. Try thinking of your goals as seeds. If you plant a seed in your garden on Sunday, you don’t expect to have a flower by Wednesday. If you do, you are inevitably going to be disappointed. The reality is that once that seed is planted, you don’t know what is going on under the surface. It could have a stem 3 inches long, but just hasn’t risen out of the ground yet. The seed is growing. It will just take some time. Seeing is not believing when it comes to goals. Have faith. Have faith that your mind is powerful and can create whatever you want. Have faith in the Universe. Have faith.

Getting back to the seed analogy, what if you did plant a tiny seed in the ground. If you look at the ground a few days later and fail to see a flower, would you grind your heel into the dirt, rip the seedling out and forget about it? Probably not. Then why do we do that to our dreams when they don’t materialize immediately? We don’t SEE them and so we give up and resign ourselves to “what we have” even though what we have, isn’t all we are capable of having.

I’m challenging everyone to get back to your dreams—you’re true dreams and start thinking about them. Believe they not only CAN happen, but ARE happening. They just aren’t here yet…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t forming right now.

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Anya Dee is a Chicago-based writer who specializes in 'ghost writing' for motivational speakers and self-help gurus. Her resources on The Law of Attraction can be seen at