It was an interesting evening last night. A friend dropped in for a chat about life and things going on and after that my mind kicked into what I call my “pondering mode.” You know that mental mode where you think about something and then you keep having recurring thoughts about whatever it was that you were thinking about.

I got thinking about how you and i exist in this physical reality and how each of us has gotten to our current state of being. You see, you and I live in a three-dimensional world that reflects back to us the energy, words, feelings and thoughts that we put out and express to the universe.

Imagine if a you could just think of wanting a million dollars and in a few seconds it just materialized on a table in front of you. Wow! Fantastic! But, at the same time if you could do that then you could have a thought, a worry, a fear and within a few seconds A MONSTER would materialize and eat you for lunch!

This is because it is equally true that if a you can manifest the positive then you can just as easily manifest the negative. You know that most of the people in this reality can not control their thoughts so that the negative would not occur.

In our three-dimensional world there is a built-in buffer system that prevents this from happening and what we have to realize is that we are not well-versed in how to manifest our desires. This is the interaction of your External Antennae (five senses) and your Mind (conscious and subconscious). Learning how to use this buffer is what protects you from immediately hurting yourself due to negative thoughts that you can not control. IT TAKES TIME TO LEARN THE SYSTEM. IT TAKES TIME TO MANIFEST.

The interesting thing is that most people focus on “What They Do Not Want” rather than “What They Want.” Thus they focus on things like:

I don’t want to be poor
I don’t want to be homeless
I don’t want to be in debt
I don’t want to be fat
I don’t want to get sick
I don’t want to have a heart attack

I don’t want to…

AND THE MEDIA – TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc. only serve to reinforce our “don’t wants.” The more we watch the more the negative is reinforced.

We can see that this is true just by looking at the state that the world is in – War, Poverty, Competition, Conflict, etc. and what the media broadcasts.

Interestingly enough, in a paragraph above, I said that you are not well-versed in how to manifest our desires. But, in reality you are quite good at it – the only problem is that over 98% of people are really good at manifesting “What They Don’t Want.”

Your subconscious mind picks up and stores as a habit, a way of thinking, a way of doing, a way of perceiving and a way of operating within your reality by REPETITION OF INFORMATION. Your subconscious mind does not distinguish between negative and positive expression and it can not accept or reject what you feed to it. Because you are really good at thinking repeatedly “I don’t want to…” your subconscious hears “sick,” “heart attack,” “worry,” “debt,” etc. And this is what you manifest.

SO YOU REALLY ARE REALLY GOOD AT MANIFESTING. But it is the negative things!

NOW – You must by DESIRE, BELIEF, and CHOICE refocus your thoughts. Refocus your thoughts by your choice of words, speech patterns, visualizations, affirmations and behavior. In doing this you can CHANGE YOUR PROGRAM, CREATE NEW PARADIGMS, and most of all CREAT A NEW PRAXIS.

You need to eliminate the negative chatter, the negative thoughts of “I don’t want to …” and create positive thoughts – visualizations of what you want, affirmations of how you want to be. You must Conceive and Believe to Achieve.

For example:

I accept and allow good things in my life
I give to the Universe and the Universe gives to me
I am centered, balanced and full of energy
I choose to create a great day
I have unique gifts and talents
I calmly face all challenges
I allow creativity to flow through me
I now create all that I desire
I am in the flow of universal abundance
I now manifest prosperity into my life
I am a magnet for success and good fortune
Every day and in every way I achieve my goals
I choose happiness in my life
I smile at everyone I meet
I am so happy and grateful for all that I have
I am grateful for my success
I choose to create all of this or something better

A video (visualization with all of the above affirmations) called “CONCEIVE-BELIEVE-ACHIEVE” can be viewed on YouTube at

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You can use Qigong with visualization and affirmation to create the repetition of information and take yourself to greater levels of health and well-being.

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