Names are very important to us and the proof of the same is the fact that we often get offended when someone incorrectly pronounces or spells our name. In school or college if any of our teachers misspells our name our anger reaches its peak! Hence, it could be rightly said our name is not just a word to address us but it is our identity that we are often proud of. Any tampering with the same upsets us to the core.

Now the question arises as to why some people rechristen selves when names are so important and close to our hearts? Why do people take on a completely new identity by doing away with the original name? Why so many ladies around the world add their husband’s surname to their own? Well! The reasons can be many and vary person to person.

If we browse through the history of changing names we will find that a couple of decades back married women started adopting their husband’s name as the latter had all the legal rights viz. to vote, to maintain property, etc. Another significant reason was that it was the man who was the sole bread winner of the family and who build the house. The woman after marriage took the role of a homemaker and was more or less dependent on the man in her life. Hence, it was the norm of the society to project that a woman was dependent on man for the survival and hence, it was the female who added her man’s surname and not the other way around.

However, things have changed a lot in today’s society. Women are no longer dependent on men and are financially, socially, emotionally, independent in the real sense. They are moving shoulder to shoulder with males in every facet of life. Hence, adding another surname after marriage has actually lost its significance. A lady might take up a new surname to show her love towards her partner, but saying that she does so to maintain her legal rights to vote, property, etc. will not be correct in today’s modern era.

Those ladies who change their surnames after marriage have to follow a procedure. They first need to announce the same in a national or a regional daily and produce the newspaper clipping of the notice stating the name change, original name, new name, address, etc. at every government office to get the name changed in passport, voter ID, Driving License, etc. People usually choose The Times of India for placing ads as the newspaper has all India circulation and a vast reader base. Hence, Name Change Classified Ads in Times of India is one of the popular advert types that people publish in this national daily. The newspaper is published in different editions for various zones and individuals can select the edition that best suits them. Change of Name Ads in Times of India is an authentic proof that a woman can produce at various stages of name change process. They can also keep a copy of the same for future reference as well.

Whether a woman wants to change her name after marriage is her personal choice and nobody has the right to impose rules over this issue. Also, no one has the right to judge a woman who doesn’t take up her husband’s surname and keeps going with her maiden name even after getting into a matrimonial bond of a lifetime. So, let us give our women folk freedom to maintain their identity the way they wish!

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