avoiding those errors.
If you’re planning to make a trip to Japan or relocate there for work or higher studies, the first thing you need to do is to learn the language to speak fluently. It will enable you to interact with the locals and native speakers and make your stay in the country a memorable one.

Despite undertaking a Japanese language course in Kolkata, many students make several mistakes which deter their learning process and fluency while speaking. Here are a few mistakes that need to be avoided.

Misusing words & phrases

For constructing a sentence while speaking you need to use the words appropriately and precisely. Misusing the words will change the meaning of the whole sentence and this could trigger problems while communicating with the natives.

Some learners memorize the words which is again a wrong method to enrich the vocabulary on a foreign language. They should instead start will simple and practical words and create a foundation.

Never think out-of-the-box

Many learning enthusiasts fail to realize that they are living in a technological era and hence they refrain from using audio lessons and learning apps.

While acquiring reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills, learners tend to adopt a mechanical view of the process. They rely on textbooks and don’t use out of the box learning methods such as viral videos, funny memes, quizzes, puzzles, games, communicating with natives etc.

Setting unrealistic and overambitious objectives/ expecting results too soon

Remember you’re not a sprinter and it will take time to master Japanese. But some language enthusiasts fail to realize it. They go on at a breakneck speed which ruins the whole learning process and results in several mistakes.

Discover the secrets of learning Japanese impeccably by opting for a Japanese language course in Kolkata. Get expert guidance and best study materials in the course to make the whole learning experience a stimulating one.

Emphasizing on grammar too much

If you’re a beginner, then worry too much about grammar can be a costly mistake. Move step by step and don’t make haste. Take grammar lessons after improving your stock of words and expressions.

Focusing on pronunciation

Many students think they will develop the correct pronunciation or accent as soon as they begin learning. As a result they focus too much on it. The worst part is that many learners try to imitate native speakers and in this process end up learning less.

Getting discouraged by your setback

Mistakes are part of any learning process. You don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn. But many students get discouraged by mistakes and consider them to be setbacks. They expect perfection right from the word go which is again a huge mistake.

Not understanding which learning method is suitable for you

Many Japanese language enthusiasts become confused about how they want to learn. Everyone is different and so are their abilities to absorb information. Which mode of training you prefer is it aural or verbal? Would you prefer hands-on or theoretical approach? Are you comfortable with learning from textbooks or is it apps that interest you? Choosing the wrong method will prevent quick learning. Join a Japanese language course in Kolkata and reap the benefits.

Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and become proficient in Japanese language. Get better access to employment opportunities by speaking it fluently with the right accent.

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Laxmon Gope is a language teacher and website writer. He knows Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and other foreign languages. Like this informative article on Japanese language course in Kolkata he has contributed to publications on academics, digital marketing, and foreign language training.