Silly question right?

Here are 7 easy ways that you can be happier, just make one simple change a day and in just a week you'll notice the difference in your life.

There no right time/day to start being happier so just start the plan when you read this, no need to 'wait' for tomorrow, as tomorrow never comes, does it.

You will have a small change to make in the 7 areas of your life over a week, it's that easy!

1st Day - Friendships
Be honest and open within them. If someone drives you nuts by an annoying habit, either decide to ignore that small element of them and just accept them or tell them (politely) it drives you nuts and could they make an effort not to do it when with you in the future.

Write a list of all the people that you have in your life and list next to them all the positive qualities they bring to your life-even the grumpiest of people bring you something to be grateful for-even if its just that you haven't inherited their bad temperedness!!

By focussing on positive qualities our general perception will change for the better, if by writing this list you then want to share with the person how they positively impact on your life, then all the better!

Day 2 - Appearance
Again, perception and focus is key here. Today when you find yourself saying/thinking 'I hate my hair' 'I am too short' for example, say silently to yourself 'STOP' and focus on something you like instead. i.e.: 'I have expressive eyes' ' I have strong legs' - change your focus and change your thinking. If you are practising this and find it difficult then take 3 deep breaths and start again. A walk in the fresh air, whilst you think about your attributes is a winning combination. Writing a list of your assets and putting it into your purse, pocket etc, to look at as often as possible is also a very positive action and will create fast and lasting results in how you perceive yourself raising your self esteem and happiness.

Day 3 - Self Confidence & Esteem
Play and pretend - that's the key! Act as if you're happier and you'll fool your unconscious into thinking you are and then you actually will be! Put a smile on your face and look up-it works!

If there is someone who makes you feel unconfident, picture them in your mind, imagine making the picture half the size, give them animals legs and maybe blue hair and massive glasses, if there are noises in the picture then for example, make their voice sound like Mickey Mouse or something silly like that, then just imagine your eye lids are a camera and blink to save this picture in your mind so anytime in the future you think of them , this is the image you get - they don't seem half as bad when they look like this! If it's a situation, do the same but make the picture smaller, black and white and take out all noise completely.

Posture is great, walk tall, head high, eyes ahead, walk with purpose-if you act like you're confident you will soon be it - fake it till you make it!

Write a list (another one) listing all the things your good at, what motivates you, what you enjoy and reasons to stay motivated to even more happiness and stick it up where you can read it daily.

Day 4 - Stress
Eliminating self appointed pressures, like not saying no and taking on too much will ease your stress & tension, also taking 5 minutes breaks where you just have 'me' time i.e. stand outside and just watch the skies, take deep breathes, listen to your favourite song without being interrupted throughout the day will enhance your happiness. Get out and about in nature, ideally go for a half hour walk daily but even if it's only 5 or ten minutes twice daily, do it and feel the benefits.

Day 5 - Relationships
The happiest people are the people who feel their network of people are authentic and trustworthy. Trust is built by doing what you said you would, by keeping your promises. Think before you promise something, its better to understate and over deliver, than to disappoint.

Think of the things you like doing in your relationship and plan one of those into each day.

Think about what it is that you need in your relationship to feel happy and make a list! Read it thoroughly and ask yourself the question do I really need ……. to be happy? Often its generosity of time not money that's more important. Think about where you can improve things, even small steps will make a positive difference. I.e. you want to spend more quality time together, arrange at the beginning of the week, when you can have 'together' time, it doesn't have to be a night out, eat later together when the kids are in bed or arrange for thru 8-830 to be no TV, just music and you time. You get the idea!

Day 6 - Career
Stop being a perfectionist, as all you're doing is focussing on what's not perfect, this causing dissatisfaction and feelings of failure. Write a to do list and prioritise them into A B C tasks and then work your way thru the list, the only rule is that you only do B's when all A's are completed and you only do C's, when all B's are done. This not only creates a habit of success but it also enables you to recognise you achievements along the way. A's are 'have to be done now' B's are 'Great to get done now but can wait' C's are 'to be done at some point'. Look at the tasks and see which ones can be delegated, remember when delegating, leave the task for the person to do to THEIR best ability.

Make a list!! Write down everything you like doing, your interests, your skills/talents and then see how they match with your current career, would a role change make you happier or a complete change-having awareness will enable you to plan your next move for your future, this will give you control and make you happier.

Day 7 - Reflect
Take a good look over what you've achieved over the last week and at the easy changes you've made for a happier and more positive future, NOW commit to continuing your life changing positive actions in the future.

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