Are you thinking of moving into a new home with an indoor swimming pool, or installing one in an existing property? If so, there are certain things you should think of before putting a down payment. While possessing a property with an attached pool has an adequate number of advantages, it comes with some thoughtful considerations. From pool maintenance and higher insurance premiums to its impact on the value of your property and safety of family members, there are numerous things you should consider before buying a home with one. Read our blog post and find out what they are and whether it's better to invest in a new home or a condo for sale in Yorkville or not.

5 Things to Think of Before Purchasing a Home with a Swimming Pool

1. Utility Bills Increase

Prepare yourself to face increased utility bills if you’re thinking of buying a house with a pool or building one in your current home. Homeowners generally have to bear up to $300 annually on electricity bills just to operate the pump, since it controls the filtration. This isn’t something that can be avoided as it’s a necessary part of keeping the water clean and fit to be used. Anyone installing a new pool should be prepared to face an increase in their water bills by $60-$120 which is needed to fill a standard swimming pool with a capacity between 15,000 and 30,000 gallons.

2. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance Is Needed

From cleaning the pool surface to using chemicals and other cleaning products, swimming pool upkeep takes a lot of effort and time on a homeowner’s part. If you fail to do so, the PH levels may lack the balance necessary and bacteria and algae could wreak havoc on your family’s health. If, however, you don’t have any time, there are companies who can provide the service you need anywhere between $50-$150 per week. In addition to being costly, the professionals will probably have to service the swimming pool up to a several times every week. So, you should be mentally prepared to see them on a regular basis too.

3. The Age of the Pool Matters

There are some questions you should ask before making a decision, including –

• Is the pool under warranty?
• What is the name of the company that took care of the installation and whether or not they’re still in business?
• Are there consistent issues that keep coming up?
• Has the pool had any major work done in the past year?

The age of the swimming pool matters as it will help you find out the pump life and the kind of maintenance the granite or liner needs. The chlorine tends to wear the liner down after a while, making it prone to tearing. Granite also has a tendency to crack over time. If you see a cement pool, know that it must be re-plastered every 6-9 months a year.

4. A Fence May Be Required

Most cities and communities require that homeowners with swimming pools install a fence or some sort of a barricade around the perimeter of the pool. This needs to be done to make the area safer and also to prevent strangers from entering your pool area off the street. However, different communities have varying zoning rules so make sure you check the specifics before finalizing anything.

5. Outdoor Space Is a Must

If you have a small property, you might want to think before building a new pool or investing in a property with one. The deck and the pool take up a large chunk of the outdoor space available, and it will also need extra space to store the accessories and equipment. These may include cleaning supplies, skimmers, vacuums, towels, and floats among other things. It's vital for you to ensure you have enough outdoor space which can accommodate the needs of your pool before making the decision of getting a house with an existing one.

Here’s Why It’s a Better Idea to Move to a Condominium Community Instead

When you rent or buy a condo unit it provides a chance for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Take the help of experienced real estate agents in Toronto to compare the features of the different modern condo developments in Yorkville.

Some important things you should know are:

• Condo communities typically offer various amenities such as a gym, play centre and most commonly, swimming pool accessibility

• The cost of using and maintaining the amenities is a part of the condo fees or rent, meaning the owner doesn’t have to worry about them later

• Since the amenities are shared, the repair and maintenance costs are distributed between the owners of condos in the development, meaning the costs won’t burn a hole in your pockets

• There’s no need to worry about an increase in utility bills, building a fence or considering outdoor space as all of these are taken care of by the condo association.

If you've decided to buy a home with a swimming pool, don't worry! Considering the points mentioned above, you can ensure your family benefits from your decision. However, it's cost-effective to rent or buy a unit in a one of the modern condominium developments so you can take advantage of several shared amenities. Consult the best realtors near you to get the latest updates on Yorkville's condo market.

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