As a blogger it's likely you are always looking for ways to improve your writing! Being your blog posts are the heart and soul of the site itself you'll obviously be writing quite a bit! The point here is you'll want to deliver your message in a way that your readers will understand and enjoy! If you are challenged by time or even the ability to clearly deliver your message when blogging, have you tried using a list post format?

Here are 5 easy steps to follow to compose your blog posts using a list format that requires less effort and viewers will enjoy as well!

Choose a Popular Topic (of course)

In order to increase the 'appeal' of your writing for your readers you must always first begin with choosing a topic of their interest! Even the best writers will experience little or no success if they focus on subject matter that contains little relevance in terms of what people want to read about!

Do Your Research

If your blog posts are intended to carry accurate information, which I hope they are, you best research your facts first! Your readers depend upon and trust you to deliver your message in an accurate manner and if you lose this trust you will lose these people as loyal followers!

Develop Your Points

Determine ahead of time the points you want to make in your post and state them as clearly and concisely as possible! The key to an effective list post can be found in having every point or reason you display easy to understand while also making sense in terms of the content it's found within!

Be Excessive

Create an extra long list of points you want to make from which you can 'cherry pick' when developing your blog posts! In fact the longer the list is that you present to your readers, the greater the perceived value will be in their eyes! For best results lists that offer 7 or more points typically draw the most interest and even listing as many as 50 is not, in some cases, seen as too excessive!

Follow a Logical Sequence

When constructing any list for use in your blog posts it's always recommended to arrange them in a logical manner! It is important to maintain the interest of people as they read what you offer them but if it starts to confuse them in any way, they will most likely leave the page!

When looking to improve your writing when blogging using a list format can make it easier for you to deliver your message to your readers! This approach does not require a lot of skill since the points you want to make are simple listed out and don't call for lengthy explanations! This makes composing your blog posts that much easier and the 5 steps reviewed above show you how to put this format to use! The added benefit is of course your readers can more easily scan your updates while finding them easier to understand! So if you're challenged by putting your thoughts into words try following a list post format and benefit from less aggravation and a time savings you can put to use elsewhere!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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