High levels of sugar in the blood leads to diabetes. So, blood sugar levels are needed to be checked regularly. Strict consultation and medication can only treat high blood sugar levels. Apart from that, home remedies can be followed to lower the risk of high blood sugar and control it. The home remedies should only be practised with proper medications. Do consult your doctor before opting for any of the home remedies. Check out the home remedies to lower blood sugar levels.


Regular workout

Regular exercise can help to lose weight and increase insulin sensitivity, which means the body cells can use the available sugar in our bloodstream better. Also, exercise helps the muscle to use blood sugar for energy and muscle contraction. Some of the workouts for this are weight lifting, brisk walking, running, biking, dancing, hiking, swimming and more.

Keep a check on the carbs intake

Carbs turn into sugar in our body, which then gets moved into cells by insulin. Too much consumption of carbs causes insulin problems, due to which the process fails to pass the sugar into cells. This is how blood glucose levels rise. 


Increase the amount of fibre

Fibre slows carb digestion and sugar absorption. This is how it promotes a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. Additionally, a high-fibre diet can help to manage type 1 diabetes by improving blood sugar control and reducing blood sugar levels. Vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains are rich in fibre, and so, they should be consumed to control the blood sugar levels. 


Being hydrated is a prime key

Drinking enough water controls blood sugar levels. It also helps your kidneys to flush out the excess blood sugar through urine. Drinking water regularly re-hydrates the blood, lowers blood sugar levels and reduces diabetes risk. 

Watch out for the portion that you eat

Portion control helps to regulate calorie intake and can lead to weight loss. Controlling the serving sizes also helps to reduce calorie intake and subsequent blood sugar spikes. Here are the ways you can watch out the portion of your food:


Measure and weigh portions.

Take smaller plates.

Avoid restaurants.

Read food labels and check the serving sizes.

Eat slowly.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on research. However, it is always advised to consult a doctor or before adopting any tips.


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