I can honestly say that most of my life I've always wanted to "know how to be a millionaire." It never occurred to me that the mind played an important role in the creation of wealth, I just figured that I would have to find a way to get a good paying job and work very hard, and then, I would know how to be a millionaire.

Sometime ago, it occurred to me that I needed to hurry and get to the bookstore to find out if there were any good books that could give me additional knowledge on how to become and be a millionaire. So I found the book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," by T. Harv Eker and began to devour the content, because I really had the desire to be rich. But, let me go back to the beginning of Harv Eker's book to page "2." Harv made an astounding statment that arrested my attention....he said, and I quote....

"If your subsconcious "financial blueprint" is not "set" for success, nothing you learn, nothing you know, and nothing you do will make much difference." That hit me over the head, because I had been trying to make more money, by getting two degrees from the University, and also reading after certain successful people, etc. But Harv Eker was saying that all of my education and any additional knowledge would not do me much good if my "financial blueprint" was not set for "success," in my subconscious mind.

Have you ever been involved in a business or project that you wanted to complete and be successful at, but for some unknown reason, it seemed like what ever you did to try and make it work to give you the success you were seeking, something always caused that success to elude you? Man, I know what that is like, I personally remember telling my wife some years ago that I felt like my life was placed in a "Vice," (from the woodworking bench). Everything I tried, would do okay, but I felt like something was purposely and forcefully holding me back, and it was not me thinking negatively, at least from a conscious point of view. There was a "force" that I could sense that was hindering me, but I did not know what to do about it.

Thank God for T. Harv Eker and his book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," the scales were beginning to be removed from my eyes, and I was now receiving revelation knowledge from his book, and I could begin to see what was possibly holding me back from the success I desired, and that I knew was available, because other men and women were experiencing real success.

Harv Eker mentioned early in his book that one of his father's friends who was a millionaire told him, "Harv, if you're not doing as well as you'd like, all that means is there's something you don't know." Harv said that he disagreed with the millionaire, because he thought that he pretty well knew everything at his young age, but he remembered that his bank account said something different.

The millionaire friend of Harv's father continued the conversation by saying to Harv, "Did you know that most rich people think in very similar ways?" Harv responded and said "no, I never really considered that." The millionaire replied, "its not an exact science, but for the most part, rich people think a certain way and poor people think a completely different way, and those ways of thinking determine their actions, and therefore determine their results."

The millionaire asked Harv, "If you thought the way rich people do and did what rich people do, do you believe you could become rich too?" Harv responded that "he thought so." The millionaire again replied, "all you have to do is copy how rich people think."

Harv did not fully accept what the millionaire said, for he was skeptical, but he decided that since nothing else was working in his life, that he would give himself wholeheartedly into studying rich people, and how they think.

Let's stop here because of space and time, and tomorrow, we will pick up this conversation and get into how the rich people think. Let me know if you got anything out of this post today by putting your thoughts into the Comment Box below, and I certainly appreciate it, and look forward to you and me speaking tomorrow again, on "how to be a millionaire," fair enough?

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