If you really want to know how to be a millionaire, you first have to accept the fact that change must take place in you before you can know how to be a millionaire. We stated earlier in our millionaire discussion that rich people think very differently from poor and middle class people.

Rich people think differently about money, wealth, themselves, other people, and just about every other aspect of life. Therefore, in this Blog Post, we want to take a close look at these differences, and, as part of your reconditioning, we're going to install seventeen alternative "wealth files" into your mind, today!

How To Be A Millionaire Requires Thinking Rich
With these new files in your mind, you will be able to choose to think contrary to your old way of thinking, and opt to think the new millionaire way. It is important to remember that you can choose to think in ways that will support your happiness and success, rather than thinking in ways that don't support your happiness and success.

I want to reiterate here and now that in no way, shape, or form am I degrading poor people, or want to appear that I have no understanding of their plight. As I mentioned before, I was raised as part of the poor/middle class for years. I understand the thinking in those two groups very well because I've lived it, but thank God, I've already reconditioned myself to think like the rich, and am learning how to be a millionaire.

What I find interesting is, shortly after the "wealth files" are installed in you, there will be almost an immediate shift in the way you feel, for the better! Remember, our actions come from our feelings, which come from our thoughts. So you can see and understand that very rich action is the result of a prior rich way of thinking. Wow! This is good stuff, thanks to T. Harv Eker, the author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind!"

Reconditioning Process Of How To Be A Millionaire
As we move into this reconditioning part, I must request of you to relax and be willing to let go of being right. In other words, I want you to be willing to let go of having to do it your way. The reason being is, your way has gotten you exactly what you have now. If you desire more of the same, just keep doing what you're currently doing your way. If you're not rich yet, maybe it's time you consider a different way, and that is the T. Harv Eker way, who was broke a few years ago, but is now a multi-millionaire, and I'm on my way to the same level of riches!

This reconditioning process that you're about to learn will make real changes, for real people, in the real world. I can hear you thinking, "and how do you know that?" Because of the thousands of letters and emails T. Harv Eker has received over the years telling him how each individual "wealth file" has transformed people's lives. If you will learn them and use them, I'm confident that you will truly learn and know how to be a millionaire.

This content is invaluable, and for that I want you to share your thoughts on this post in the Comment Box below, and we'll speak again tomorrow, when we will install the "wealth files" in you, and begin your new life of knowing how to be a millionaire!

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