Recent years have seen a high number of students pursuing higher
education from universities abroad. Studying in the UK, Canada, New
Zealand or Germany has gained momentum amongst students. The
widespread globalisation and digitalisation has led to this phenomenal
increase in international students. But it is really a tough job, applying &
getting admission in universities abroad. Here’s where overseas
education consultants come in! They are global education experts and
the right people to guide you in the whole process and make your
international dreams come true!
In this article we try to throw some light on the importance of overseas
education consultants and how they can fit you out with the right
guidance and mentorship in following your dream of studying abroad.
Engaging an overseas education consultant is the right step in your
path to study in a foreign country. Being professionals, they have in-
depth knowledge and expertise in universities abroad and the courses
offered. They are also proficient in the admission process, visa
application procedures and other formalities. Apart from that, there are
frequent changes in the education policies & student visa processes in
diverse countries. Even the education systems followed in each country
can be different. But overseas education consultants remain updated
about these policies and reforms and can help students to a great
extent. They will be able to guide you in choosing a suitable university
that fits your budget & career choices.
Take a look at some other benefits of consulting overseas education &
immigration experts:
Realising the Eligibility Criteria
There are certain eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill to qualify for
your chosen course. English language proficiency scores is one such
common prerequisite of many international universities. You need not
waste your resources appearing for multiple exams as the fees are
rather high. Overseas education consultants are apprised of different

language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. and can help
aspirants to prepare for the exam that suits the admission criteria of the
university you want to join.
Financial Assistance
A major problem faced by students and their families is managing the
enormous costs of studying abroad. There are various study loans and
scholarship opportunities available to help meritorious students. Banks
offer education loans and several academic learning institutions also
provide scholarships like the DAAD scheme in Germany, Erasmus
Mundus and more. Moreover, overseas education consultants also
pitch in to help students find cost-effective ways to manage finances
Other Formalities
A competent overseas education consultant like MandG World helps
you to get over other formalities right from VISA application to sorting out
accommodation issues as well as settling down in the new environment.
With a strong network of students and working professionals worldwide,
MandG is able to connect the aspiring students with experienced
professionals in the country of their choice who can help in settling
MandG World is a leading firm managed by study abroad &
immigration consultants which is focused to simplify the process of
studying abroad for students across the country.

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