Looking younger is a quest almost every woman faces after the age of 40. There are numerous cosmetic choices beyond color cosmetics and skin care; most of them are expensive, some are risky and some are temporary fixes. Many procedures may have a detrimental effect such as bruising, discoloration and disappointment while natural choices produce positive results like lifting and tightening.

Just walking through the cosmetic aisles in any major department store can be a stressful and daunting revelation of just how serious anti-aging has progressed through the years. Once, lipstick and powder were the mainstays of beauty treatments but in today’s world, the choices are unbelievably wide and varied.

There are sensational beauty stores like Sephora, MAC and Ulta that offer eye shadows, mascaras, nail polishes, foundations and yes, lipsticks and powders in addition to actual hardware like curling irons, flat irons, hairdryers and curlers. The beautiful packaging is colorful and eye-catching. A feeling of sensory overload and frustration can easily wash over an innocent shopper who just wanted to update her makeup bag when she is confronted with the overwhelming beauty choices she experiences.

Beauty is more than what you put into your makeup bag. Some experts might say beauty is the deep-down confidence you wear; your attitude, your sway makes one look and feel beautiful.

Confidence is alluring but what happens when you look in the mirror? Is your reflection a vibrant, healthy, young looking face or do you see tired eyes and a spongy, sagging face?

If you see the latter, you already know that even though you are dedicated to your skincare routine, that washing and slathering the latest and greatest topical formulations does not stop your facial muscles and skin from elongating and pooling into the lower facial muscles. From our hairline to our décolletage, we can see how muscle atrophy makes us look older than our years.

How do we stop this type of aging? Will cutting and suturing stop facial aging? Will injections that plump our cheeks and paralyze our frown lines help us look younger and more refreshed?

Rather than using risky procedures that just might create a face that you do not like, the best avenue to correct a sagging, droopy face is learning a facial exercise system. Using your thumbs and fingers to isolate and anchor wayward muscles makes a lot more sense than having those tiny muscles cut and sutured. Expensive procedures require maintenance and updates whereas when you learn facial exercise techniques, you have this face-saving technology forever.

Cutting perfectly healthy tissue leaves deep bruising, scars and a loss of sensation near the surgical incision. Facial exercise will leave your skin radiant and your muscles plumped with oxygenated blood. More importantly, your face will continue to look like you only years younger. Your friends and family will recognize that you have done something very special for yourself as cheeks lift, your wattle diminishes and your neck tightens.

Injecting chemicals into your face that plump and paralyze can have a detrimental effect on your body and these injections may cause additional wrinkles to develop in your face. Injections can cause blindness, facial collapse, herpes, rheumatic disease and blue-tinged flesh. Facial exercise plumps up your skin so that from the inside out, the wrinkles appear diminished. Rather than inject your forehead, you can apply the same principles that you use in the gym to gain a better looking body to your face. You can develop a younger looking face using exercise.

Some expensive procedures are not appropriate for those who have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even breast cancer. Facial exercise is appropriate for everyone because it is natural and the only side effect is looking better than you have in years.

Some procedures are not suitable for those over a certain age or perhaps you’re concerned, if you’re a man, that the telltale evidence of sutures will be blatantly revealed. Facial Magic will transform your face by refining, toning, firming and contouring sagging facial muscles without drugs, sutures or risk.

You will look better than you have in years when you rediscover the face you thought you had lost forever using proven facial exercise techniques that are natural, simple and easy to learn.

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