Driving can be a really tough and confusing till you get used to it. From taking the correct turns to holding the clutch with the right amount of pressure, it requires so much to do -- and all at the same time. Driving demands all your senses to be alert and active; and that too during the entire duration of driving. This can be really a daunting task! Especially when you are learning in a manual car.

For those people who find it really difficult to get trained in a car with a manual transmission, it's advisable to go for automatic driving lessons in Birmingham from Just Pass Driving Academy. They give you the best driving training by expert teachers and make sure you are thorough and on your own as soon as possible. By directly opting for automatic driving lessons, you are actually going to make your life a lot easier!

Reasons to prefer automatic training over manual ones

Though automatic car driving isn’t a cakewalk, but it’s comparatively less confusing than manual ones. It is very important to keep in mind that the basic rules of safety and precautions remain the same in both types of cars. Then why should you prefer going for automatic driving lessons? Read on to know!

1. It’s comparatively simpler — The one who said technology is complex wouldn’t have considered differentiating between an automatic and a manually driven car. An automatic one has various features like self shifting transmission, auto transmission, etc which makes it easier to handle (and remember too!). In these types of cars, you don’t need to juggle between those gear numbers and handling the clutch correctly. This reduces a lot of headaches of the driver and even makes learning fun.

2. The increasing number of automatic cars — There’s always a relation between consumer demands and supply. As the customer today is constantly demanding the automatically driven cars, the production of the same is increasing rapidly. So much so, that in the near future it is debated whether the concept of manual transmission cars would even exist. This proves that when you will be buying a car, most probably it’ll also be an automatic one. Then why waste time and money on learning the manual ones!

3. It’s trending — As said above, there’s a constant increase in the purchase of automatic cars. It’s obviously because that’s what’s trending in the driving world. More and more drivers are opting for the automated versions because of the easy operation and better performance. You surely don’t want to stay back in this race. That is why if you are well versed with an automatic car, you can anytime own it, and keep up with the trends.

4. Makes you a better driver —If you are learning an automatic car, it means you are learning the skill within half the time you need to learn a manual one. This leaves you a lot of time to sharpen your skills behind the steering and obviously you turn out to be a better driver in this way. As the process is simpler and faster, you can practise the same more and get perfect in this training.

5. It’s a faster process — If you can afford very less time to learn driving, and you want to get well versed with the lesson, then it’s better that you prefer the automatic driving lessons. It’s less time consuming, as everything is automated and you just need to learn the basic trick of safe driving and driving rules, and not worry about the other trivia.

6. Makes you compatible to drive a manual car too — Once you learn to drive in a manual car, it would be a little difficult to manage an automatic car, and you’ll need a proper lesson to understand the technology. But if you learn to drive an automatic car, you can operate the gears just with a little alertness of mind and practise.

7. Better concentration — When you acquire your driving skills on an automated car, you are actually sharpening your concentration skills. Since all the other difficult task is subtracted in this training, a trainee driver can pay better attention on concentrating on the roads, checking the mirror positions and judging the distances well. This means more safety for everyone.

An automatic car is certainly a blessing for car drivers. Its training is surely another boon too. Now the idea of learning how to drive a car won’t make you nervous!

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