Some of the questions that come to the blog the most are ... What does a Digital Nomad live on? How do they earn money to travel the world? How do they finance travel? What do you do? How can I become a Digital Nomad?
To do this, we want to answer all our readers interested in working as a Digital Nomad and travel the world indefinitely showing the 7 best jobs to earn money online and become a Digital Nomad. Before we start with the real deal, if you really want to work remotely from your home or anywhere in the World and earn money online, do check out

It is the work par excellence of the Digital Nomads. Working as a blogger allows you to work remotely from anywhere in the world, there are no borders that limit this profession. In addition, it is a very broad job, you can both work for other media as well as work on your own blog. You don't have a blog yet? You can create your blog with this step by step guide. Better yet, do you know that you can do both?
Copywriting is another of the great options to work as a digital nomad. Although they are also professionals who live from writing, there is a difference between bloggers and copywriter. Learn here how to work as a copywriter.

Virtual assistant
Virtual assistance is another of the great options presented to work as a digital nomad. More and more opportunities appear to work as a virtual assistant, and it is probably one of the most common jobs among digital virtual mates.
A virtual assistant can perform many tasks, depending on training, experience, skills, etc. All these tasks are done online, so working as a virtual assistant is a good option to be a digital nomad.

Graphic/web designer
Another of the most popular jobs among digital nomads is working as a graphic designer or web designer.
Graphic design and web design are very different. The first focuses on logo designs, images, cards, posters, brochures ... and the second is responsible for designing web pages. There are certain people who have both skills combining both jobs very well.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Surely at this point, most know what work as SEO, basically, search engine optimization or search engine optimization. What comes to be ... Make a page in top positions in search engines (Google or others ...) to receive more visits and therefore more money.
The SEO work is another job very recurrent among digital nomads, especially those who have their own projects and attract traffic generating money to travel or work from anywhere in the world.

Camera and video editing
If you like recording and editing videos, it is one of your favorite hobbies ... you should know that you can earn money with your videos and travel the world like a true digital nomad.
Currently, there are more and more opportunities to work with video professionals. The Internet is full of job offers of this type, and that is, the video has become a great product for business marketing.

Working as a translator is a great option if you are looking for a job that allows you to lead a Digital Nomad life. Whether you have studied a career in translation and interpretation as well as if you have knowledge of several languages, you can earn money while traveling the world.
A world so globalized and focused on the Internet, the translator profile is becoming a job, there is no lack of employment, especially if you know one of the most demanded languages to work.

Web developer
When you travel the world and meet other digital nomads, you realize how web development work is one of the most popular within this group. You can find them in most coworking around the world and job offers in this sector have no limit.
A job that works both if you want to work remotely for a company as well as if you want to set up your own project and monetize it. Of course, this is not a job for anyone.

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