Nothing heals and energizes better than a peaceful night’s sleep! However, the new age lifestyle is laden with many distractions that come in the way of peaceful sleep. From carrying workload back to home to erratic sleeping habits – the modern-day individual is sleep deprived. Well, most of us are! And being sleep deprived translates to peace deprived. People with poor sleeping habits often are noticeably more high-strung and tensed. Sleep restores the body's biochemical balance and regenerates body cells at night. Missing out on sleep or having trouble sleeping doesn't allow the body to heal completely. To be able to sleep better most people are switching to white noise.

What is white noise?

Akin to several new age alternative therapies, white noise has been developed so that individuals can sleep better and calmer. Simply put, it’s all about soothing, ambient sounds that fade the background sounds such as the honking of cars or barking of dogs, so that people aren’t distracted when they are trying to sleep. The sounds range from the chirping of birds; water drops to that of moving breeze.

Today, several online mediation and mindfulness apps have come up with sample white noise mp3's; you can both listen and download. Want to have access to the same? You can browse through apps like Jinglow and download it in your iOS or Android Smartphone. Getting started is very easy. As you register and log in, you will come across multiple white noise mp3 options to select from. The duration of each can range between 5 and 15 minutes or more! So, browse through and select the one you like best.

Ways white noise helps you to sleep peacefully

Over the years many individuals have found immense help by switching to white noise. Not only have they slept better but also fixed their erratic sleep pattern completely. Here’s why most people opt in for this medium:

1. White noise helps you have your bedtime ritual

Whether you have trouble sleeping or not, the idea of creating a bedtime ritual is always commendable! This brings in order and discipline into your sleeping habit. Also, the idea of listening to an ambient sound while sleeping relaxes the mind. It helps you look forward to something soothing at the end of the day.

2. White noise is effective in keeping your bedroom peacefully silent

To sleep well, you need a peaceful environment. White noise is efficient in buffering the intruding sounds. It gradually creates a peaceful cocoon, irrespective of the surrounding you are in. This creates the perfect ambiance for you to relax and sleep peacefully.

3. Helps to shut down the constant mind chatter

This is especially true with people having a hectic lifestyle! They are constantly mulling over their "to-do" list even when relaxing on the bed. This is the reason for any disturbed or delayed sleep. So, if your “to-do” list auto-flashes in your mind the moment you try to sleep, white noise is the solution to count on. You can use it to meditate for a while before you sleep. This will enable you to sleep healthier and better.

Given our hectic time-tables, we often tend to take our sleep cycles for granted. This eventually leads to a disturbed sleep pattern and sometimes even insomnia. Want to get back to your healthy sleeping habit? Switch to white noise and see the difference. Say yes to peaceful sleep today!

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