Quitting the habit of smoking is may be the hardest thing of the world, but gaining some extra pound is one among the adverse effects or withdrawal symptoms of stop smoking. When you get ready to leave smoking, the mental pressure and physical demand can drain out your determination. In order to save your promises, you may be involved with your other food habits that can add more weight. Be conscious and find something worthy for your health to fill perfectly the gapof cigarettes. It is seen generally that an average people gains overall ten to eleven pounds within the first year of quitting smoke.

The reason of gaining weight:

There are two different reasons that can accelerate the weight gain process after stop smoking.

1. Quitting smoke can add the habit of eating more. You like to put something in your mouth always instead of a cigarette. Since you left smoking, you start to taste food better, sweet good and food become more attractive. The nicotine of cigarettes the main culprit here which enhances the craze of food in you. Moreover,stop smoking can extend the limit of satiety during food consumption. This leads you to take extra calorie and some extra pound as well.

2. Nicotine generally helps to increase the metabolic rate which gets reduced after quitting smoke. It means extra consumption of calories is stored in your body and increase the weight count.

In order to avoid gaining weight due to quitting smoke may include black up plan instead of taking foods. You can prefer walking, running, taking sugarless chewing gum,practicing meditation or yoga and likewise.

Get help:

Get the assistance from nicotine replacement therapy. Otherwise, you can face the most common of weight gain after quit smoking. Many gums or patches will be compatible in this case.

Eat veggies:

Consuming fiber enriched vegetables can make you feel the stomach full and eliminate the desire of having the snack or a cigarette. Eating fruits or vegetable makes less the nicotine dependency level which supports the goal of stop smoking.

Drink sufficient water:

Drink ample water to keep the body hydrated and to increase the metabolism rate. it will decrease the craving of smoke and help you to backup your weight loss program.

Do exercise:

Regular exercise can help you in burning extra calories and reducing the weights. Itgives you a way to overcome the nervous misalliance that every smoker face after they quit smoking.

Stay away from stress and depression:

Keep yourself busy with regular activities and works. Stay out of the depression and never involved with any emotional situation that forces you to adopt the smoking again. Identify the replacement activities like run, walk, gaming, audio or video watching, pet love and much more.

Snack smartly:

Find something right to keep your mouth full instead of the cigarette. Choose precise snack or sugar-free gums, candies or tic-tax to back up the plan without adding calories.

Find out a good partner and go for travel:

Find a partner who carries positive motives. It will help you to get rid of the habit of smoking and its relevant effect of gaining weight. In this case, you should start the venture of travel, adventure and discovering new places.

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