A recent survey reveals that the real estate industry is one of the major contributors to the US economy. However, undeniably, engaging in real estate is hard because it's taxing and requires your time and effort. And this is aside from having sufficient capital and market knowledge.
Moreover, convincing clients to invest in properties is certainly not an easy task. But don't fear! By adopting a proper mindset, observing a good work ethic, and cultivating beneficial habits—you'll be successful in no time.

Be Transparent

As with other businesses, you should always strive for transparency whenever dealing with clients. Such as disclosing potential issues, defects or previous repairs involving the property, as well as other vital information. Not only that information like these can be instrumental for the client's acquiring decision, but this also serves as your protection from possible lawsuits in the future.
For each transaction, it is crucial to ensure that each parties' concerns are addressed. Informing clients about the current market temperature, current inventory, price and the procedure they will undergo is paramount.
Further, by being transparent every step of the way, clients will be more inclined to trust you. When your clients trust you, they may transact with you again and will not hesitate to recommend you to their families and friends.

Go Green

People in the real estate business had taken on the responsibility to address climate change. They construct facilities and buildings with sustainable architectural green designs. Big commercial real estate businesses and investors have been advancing in sustainable technologies like solar panels and utilizing wind power.
Besides, the current trend reveals that buyers are more interested to buy properties made with eco-friendly materials and equipped with sustainable technologies. And the demand continues to grow thereby gradually transforming the real estate market. Thus, going green is not only environmental-friendly but is also a profitable and responsible endeavor.

Boosts resale value

The sale of properties with green architectural designs is expected to rise in the following years. According to a survey, 32% of the current buyers are millennials and they prefer energy-efficient and sustainable property.


Commercial and residential buildings that are LEED-certified help reduce gas emissions in the environment. Such properties keep their air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation system in good condition.

Monetary savings

Green building design does not only save the earth, but it's also cost-efficient. As an example, solar panels can cut energy bills by 20% on average.

Keep Learning

If you want to be successful in real estate, keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in the market. You should also stay up to date with various terminologies, laws, and regulations affecting the real estate industry. Significantly, you should not ignore these including changes, because these can have legal implications that might affect you and your clients in the future.
Furthermore, you should be quick to learn about the current technological trends. Also, learning the proper timing about when to sell or purchase properties is a valuable skill to master. Lastly, continuously strive to learn more about the industry (enroll or attend classes and seminars) such as studying commercial property management, etc.

Adapt a Win-Win Strategy

Being in the competitive world of real estate, you should make it a habit to adopt a win-win strategy either in buying or selling properties. Applying this kind of strategy in all your dealings will be beneficial to your success.
A win-win strategy boosts your reputation as a realtor. It helps build your reputation by conducting yourself properly towards other people whom you are dealing with; may it be the seller, buyer, lender, partner or broker. As a response, people will be more willing to do business with you, which will increase your chances of closing deals. And eventually, it will be converted into monetary benefits.
Applying this strategy also invites willingness on the part of your clients to work with you, since you have a good reputation from the start. They will become more willing to negotiate and adjust as to the terms of the agreement, even the contract price of the property. Incidentally, lenders and partners may be more likely to give you favorable financial terms as a reward.

Give value to a property

To succeed in real estate, you should make it a habit to remind yourself that real estate is more than just buildings or land. Giving value to property means considering not just the land, but also the utilities available and the assets on the land. You should learn the different elements that give value to a property.
This is one of the most important aspects you should carefully pay attention to. It's also crucial for any sale transaction. Below are some helpful guidelines to evaluate properties.
● Use online comparative valuation tools which are great in making a rough estimate of property value.
● Get comparative market analysis. Try asking a local agent in your area to provide you a rough estimate of the property's value.
● Hire an appraiser to determine the market value of the property based on the location, improvements made thereon, and the land it rests on.

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