I just had another revelation and wanted to share it with you. So often we are told that it is okay to have wants and desires. In fact we have been told that we should even picture ourselves in the new car we desire even before we own it and that if we do, we will have put the energy out there and our new car will appear into our lives. It is the old saying that our thoughts become things. I like this concept and have adapted my life around this idea and have seen success with it. Though I do feel this is a great way for many to get started in route to a new and better life, I also think that we should have a better understanding as to why. Why is it that if we picture, visualize, or imagine all that we want to transpire into our lives, we begin to see them come to fruition more times than not. I know that for me, I felt that it seemed a better fit than the alternative, which was plead, beg, or just hope for.

What I have come to realize is something I had been conscious of my entire life, though never at the subconscious level. As you know, our conscious minds take up the majority of our daily activities with the menial tasks in which we convince ourselves as vital to our life and survival. Imagine if we could actually remember the day of our birth, or better yet our first couple years of our life. Do you think we fared okay without the use of our conscious minds? I am certain that I was fine and also certain that each day that I can consciously remember was a day that took away from my alter ego that I like to refer as “Genius”. The majority of us forget the genius in all of us because society has helped us to believe that we need to forget about the energy force within us. This energy force which not only created you, me, but all matter that exists in our entire solar system. You may call this energy force anything you would like, but I refer to it as God. This does not have to even bring religion into this discussion, it is a fact that we all come from the same energy source. This is a proven and scientific fact. This energy force I like to call God, is not a person, but just a spirit or energy that sits at the genesis of all physical matter.

Matter is not matter. This is something that was difficult for me at first to comprehend, but when I saw a presentation in plain english for my eyes and “conscious” mind, a light went off. It is very difficult to think that when you break down any form of matter, whether it is a stone, tree, or human, you get atoms, then more atoms then nothing. This nothing is a spirit which has made you, me and everything that one desires to bring into his or her life. Though you may seem a bit confused right now, it is probably coming together for you as you read this because you can’t help to trust this energy force, heck it made you.

It is extremely important for you to understand that even though we are all linked to this energy force, very few of us are connected. I am sure you would agree that a husband and a wife for example can be linked to one another through marriage but not connected at all. We can not assume that, just because we pray to God or give some conscious attention to this energy force from time to time,we are connected. We need to give attention to it and put it first in line. If your marriage is in the rut, then it is obvious that you put your spouse further back in line than what you consciously believe is more important. If your kids are not acting or behaving in ways you consciously deem appropriate then it is obvious that you are not giving enough attention to them. You can not be connected to anything that you desire if you do not consciously give attention to it on a consistent basis. Read that last sentence over again and again until it sinks deep within your subconscious. Consistent attention is the answer to the earlier question I posed, though I have twist to this I want to share. We all have wants and for every want that we desire there is someone else, perhaps in our circle, that will benefit even greater from that which we so aspire to bring into our lives. So what am I saying? If you want a new home that has a pool, three car garage, four bedrooms with a theatre room inside then your consistent attention should be directed to those who will benefit from your immediate desire. Your family would benefit, the realtor who sold you the house would benefit, the bank which loaned you the money would benefit, and perhaps the the local pool company would benefit. I think you get the picture now. It is quite alright to have wants and desires, but begin to see others that will benefit from your wishes prior to yours. I believe that sounds like a past article of mine, S-Stands for serving others.

Make it the Best Day Ever!


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My name is Scott Coletti, a physician, author, and internet entrepreneur. I am passionate about improving upon ones personal development and prosperity. I am married with four beautiful and healthy children and reside in Belleair, Florida.