These days the only way to grow a massively successful home based business is to be online. In the past home based businesses have been mostly based offline with people leaving business cards, sending direct mail, stuffing envelops, placing illegal signs. Entrepreneurs have been held back by their budget, their location, and the resources they could get their hands on.

Now add the internet.

Now everyone has a chance to reach all and sundry around the planet. If you have access to the internet you can promote your business.

The secret to developing your internet home based business successfully is that development takes time.

There are multitudes of marketers competing for attention online, so each business owner has to create their own voice, and this takes both time and effort. Internet users are more perceptive today, they are advertised to all the time and they are tired of it. They avoid ads. They know the links on the right hand side of Google are paid ads and in general don't even give them a second glance. To stand out from the crowd of marketers online you have to develop your own voice, provide useful content, and be all over the place.

Creating Your Voice:
-Pick your target audience. What type of person do you want to connect to? Who is your ideal customer? At this point it is best to imagine your ideal prospect and where they might be online. What kind of answers are they seeking? What are they trying to find out about?

-Pick a topic you have some expertise in. You do not have to be an expert to have expertise. Throughout your life you have had interests, you have learned, there is a topic that you know about that you can help others understand.

-Learn what else is out there for your area of interest. Learn as much as you can so that you can deliver good quality information to your customers and clients.

-Begin writing. If you passed the 8th grade you can write good content online. The key to writing online is to deliver the best information you can, even if the writing is not as perfect as you'd like. Remember you can't reach anyone until you start writing..

-Make your own blog or website with the content you create.. Load your website with as much good quality information as you can.

Information is the biggest commodity online. It's why people go on the web. If you bring great information to your customers they will be more prepared to do business with you. People do business with people, not faceless websites. You are branding yourself and showing people what you can deliver. Your visitors will keep returning to you when they know you will give them what they want.

Remember, a website is an island until you have bridges going to it. Once you've started to create your content and website you need to get links back to it and start driving people in that direction.

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