Ticks and dog fleas are a part of pet’s surrounding. They meet pets whenever there is a chance for the same. Dog fleas and ticks must be not tolerated and even if there is one, there must be no delay in killing it. Most people usually think that pesticides or pesticide lade medication is the best remedy to kill these pests but this is not the fact.

There are dangerous side effects of these medications and most of these side effects cause irreversible brain damage.

Harmful side effects

Brain damage
- Buying cheap dog fleas medication will cause brain damage and it has been seen that some pets get seizure and other serious problems after being administered such medications. It has been seen that these pets have shown no longer normal behavior. After being tested, it is seen that they have suffered severe brain damage.
Fetus harmed
- Some pregnant pets that were suffering from dog fleas and were pregnant at the same time have gone through miss carriage. They have known to bleed and some of them gave birth to still born puppies/kittens.
Kids were harmed
- Some kids were harmed after been exposed to these harmful dog fleas medication. They have touched and played with the pet who was applied this medication and after that, they have had severe stomach pain. Some kids have such severe vomiting that they were hospitalized.

Therefore, to avoid these unfortunate incidents, one must take care not to use harmful dog flea’s medication, which will harm the pet in any way. There are other better options that these medications. The best one is to use a comb that will catch any dog fleas or ticks if found on the fur of the animal.

With proper care and precautions, it is possible to take care for pets and keep them free from dog fleas and tick.

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