The most common ways to get toxic during the Summer are by eating or ingesting toxic products unknowingly. On this first article, Part I, I'll discuss one of the most hidden ways to ingest toxicity. Part II of this series will discuss the other 2 Summer substances that are highly toxic and harmful to your health.

I. Antifreeze (you read this right)

This comes directly from NYC's Residential Guide to Safe Handling and Disposal of Harmful Products:

Page 6: "Antifreeze is poisonous and can be lethal if ingested. Keep antifreeze away from children and pets, who may find the color and sweet smell appealing and drink it. Never drain antifreeze from your car on the street, and do not dispose of it down the drain, in sewers, or into streams."

So, if this is a substance that shouldn't end up in our drinking water, how is it that it ends up in our food and toiletries? You just have to read the labels carefully to see where antifreeze ends up.

Ice cream (!) is one of the most common foods to have this ingredient (many brand ice creams have propylene glycol as one of the ingredients), along with cakes and pies with filling. How does that antifreeze taste?

It is also found in toothpaste, soaps, moisturizers, even poison ivy relief creams, and it gets absorbed directly into the blood stream through the skin.

When you eat poisons, your liver detoxifies your blood, and the toxins end up being secreted by your kidneys or in your feces. When the same toxins end up directly in your blood stream, they bypass the liver detoxification, thereby taxing the kidneys with this task.

What to do instead:

Read the LABELS carefully! Even so called "organic" products contain harmful ingredients.

Tap (as in EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques) daily to release stressful emotions.

Drink lots of water to release toxins trapped in tissues.

Eat fiber daily to insure toxin excretion through regular bowel movements.

So how do you avoid toxicity?

As long as you are breathing, you are toxic. Our air, water and foods have been contaminated systematically, and because of this, our brain and its chemistry has been adversely affected.

Since you can't avoid toxicity, you have to find ways to continuously minimize and release it from your body, organs, tissues and cells. And this approach has to encompass not only your physical but also your emotional and spiritual/ creative aspects, if you want lasting changes.

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For over 2 decades Dr. Chrys has studied different ways to maintain health, youthfulness and longevity, and she found the best ways to decrease toxicity. Her Easy Stress Solutions system releases toxicity from its 3 main aspects, the physical, emotional and spiritual, simultaneously, so that changes are effective and lasting.

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To your Vibrant Life!

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