Remember a few years back, when we started to see commercials promising that High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) was totally fine in moderation? There were stereotypical Moms giving their children artificially sweetened beverages and popsicles reassuring one another that it was perfectly fine….. in moderation. That was the entire basis of their campaign?? Their product is safe in moderation??

Wake Up People!

Health concerns have been raised about high fructose corn syrup, which allege contribution to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Critics of the extensive use of HFCS in food sweetening argue that the highly processed substance is more harmful to humans than regular sugar, contributing to weight gain by affecting normal appetite functions and that in some foods HFCS may be a source of mercury a known neurotoxin. Yeah, a NEUROTOXIN!
And they are hiding it even better than before. You will now find HFCS in these products:
• Baked goods
• Spaghetti Sauce
• Mac N Cheese
• Frozen Pizza
• Canned fruits
• Dairy products….. Yep!
• Carbonated drinks
• And most sweetened beverages in the market today!
Alias names for HFCS have been used to try to trick you into thinking what you’re eating isn’t really so bad for you. ”Corn Sugar” has commonly been used to sneak HFCS into food.
From USA Today:
“A coalition of groups sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration Tuesday opposing a proposal by manufacturers to call high-fructose corn syrup “corn sugar” instead. The coalition says consumers are against the name change by 100-to-1.”
Animal studies indicate that HFCS contributes to obesity, increased body fat, and higher triglyceride levels.A peer-reviewed study (to read the study, see In the News section) published in Clinical Epigenetics in 2012 set out to find out why the autism rates were so different for the US and Italy. After comparing a variety of variables, they concluded that one reason may be the drastic differences between consumption of HFCS. According to the study, U.S. per capita consumption of HFCS in 2009 was 35.7 pounds per year. The study goes on to state, “…The Mercury Toxicity Model shows the HFCS characteristics most likely contributing to autism include the zinc-depleting effect that comes from consuming HFCS and certain food colors found in processed foods, and the additional Hg [mercury] exposure that may occur from the low Hg concentrations sometimes found in HFCS as a result of the manufacturing process.” The study concludes that, “A comparison of autism prevalence between the U.S. and Italy using the Mercury Toxicity Model suggests the increase in autism in the U.S. is not related to mercury exposure from fish, coal-fired power plants, thimerosal, or dental amalgam but instead to the consumption of HFCS. Consumption of HFCS may lead to mineral imbalances, including Zn [zinc], Ca [calcium] and P [phosphorus] loss and Cu [copper] gain and is a potential source of inorganic mercury exposure.”


So, When is food a Food and when is it Poison?
(definition of “poison” : Medically: Any substance applied to the body, ingested or developed within the body, which causes or may cause disease. Physically: Any substance which inhibits the activity of a catalyst which is a minor substance, chemical or enzyme that activates a reaction)
Refined sugar as a poison because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals. “What is left consists of pure, refined carbohydrates. The body cannot utilize this refined starch and carbohydrate unless the depleted proteins, vitamins and minerals are present. Nature supplies these elements in each plant in quantities sufficient to metabolize the carbohydrate in that particular plant. There is no excess for other added carbohydrates. Incomplete carbohydrate metabolism results in the formation of ‘toxic metabolite’ such as pyruvic acid and abnormal sugars containing five carbon atoms. Pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system and the abnormal sugars in the red blood cells. These toxic metabolites interfere with the respiration of the cells. They cannot get sufficient oxygen to survive and function normally. In time, some of the cells die. This interferes with the function of a part of the body and is the beginning of degenerative disease.

In addition, sugar is worse than nothing because it drains and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification and elimination makes upon one’s entire system. So essential is balance to our bodies that we have many ways to provide against the sudden shock of a heavy intake of sugar. Minerals such as sodium (from salt), potassium and magnesium (from vegetables), and calcium (from the bones) are mobilized and used in chemical transmutation; neutral acids are produced which attempt to return the acid-alkaline balance factor of the blood to a more normal state.


Stevia is a South American herb used as a natural sweetener for centuries. The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant have a refreshing taste, zeroglycemic index, zero calories and zero carbs. It is 25-30 times sweeter than sugar, and far more healthy!

All Natural Agave nectar is 1.4 to 1.6 times sweeter than sugar and is often substituted for sugar or honey in recipes. In cooking, it is commonly used as a Vegan alternative to honey for those who choose to exclude animal products from their diets. Agave nectar dissolves quickly and so it can be used as a sweetener for cold beverages such as iced tea.

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