WARNING: You Might Have Prostate Cancer Without Knowing It

A new study has shown that 80% – 85% of men experience permanent and devastating side effects from treatments…
A new US-based study has come out confirming the link between BPH and increased risk of developing prostate cancer.
This may not sound like news to you, but US-based doctors and prostate health organizations have been slow to acknowledge this link. This study shows that if you have a high PSA or wake up at night due to your BPH then you are at a significantly greater risk of developing life-threatening prostate cancer.
This runs counter to what many American doctors and experts had previously believed and insisted was the case.  They insisted this despite an abundance of research coming out of Europe for the nearly the last decade. Since 2011 European doctors have been warning men of the link between BPH and Prostate cancer. This is probably because European doctors conducted the world’s largest study on BPH in Europe in 2011, and it showed, categorically the link between BPH and prostate cancer.
This study on 3 million men proved that men with BPH or a high PSA are at greater risk of Prostate Cancer than other men… Especially if they are taking prescription medications that only hide the symptoms but do not actually stop the disease from getting worse, or cure it.
In response to this new study, the US preventive services task force has reversed their recommendation on PSA-based prostate cancer screenings. Most of us haven’t heard of the US Preventative taskforce, but they are an enormously powerful government body made up of supposed medical “experts” and they just made a decision that is going to impact your health… for the worse.
The US preventative task force just flip flopped and have changed from their previous position that the PSA test was not worth recommending for prostate cancer screenings to their new position, suggesting that doctors should be recommending them for men under 70, this despite the fact that they are largely seen as inaccurate and dangerous for diagnosing prostate cancer. The PSA test is one of the leading causes of false diagnoses of prostate cancer and medical experts are already criticizing the US preventive services for making a decision that threatens the wellbeing of men and cancer patients alike.
The PSA test is one of the leading causes of false diagnoses of prostate cancer and medical experts are already criticizing the US preventive services for making a decision that threatens the wellbeing of men and cancer patients alike.
Vinay Prasad a noted MD, stated “In my mind, the greatest misconception about the test is that we say it ‘saves live’ when that is uncertain.”
Otis Brawley, the Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, has responded that the test “literally misses as many prostate cancers as it finds.”
Prostate and metabolic health consultant Ben Ong pointed out: “The test is a general indicator of prostate health at best and does not confirm the presence of prostate cancer, even the preventative task force has previously admitted that overdiagnosis and overtreatment is a common negative effect of the PSA screenings. Overtreatment occurs in between 20-50 percent of men diagnosed by this screening and the treatments are often invasive, painful, dangerous and completely unnecessary.”
Prasad also noted that some of these treatments, “such as radiation therapy, can [actually] increase the risk of getting a second cancer… Bottom line: 1,000 men screened, one prostate cancer death averted [over a period of 10 to 15 years]”.
Ben Ong also highlighted a recent study conducted by British Association of Urological Surgeons which examined the quality of life outcomes of men who opted for any of the common prostate cancer treatment.
“What is interesting is that they found that 80% of men experienced persistent sexual dysfunction, that went on for years”, Ben said. “They also found 15% of men faced incontinence; others faced painful bowel pains and hormone problems. What this means in the context of the policy change from the US preventive services task force is that more men will be being diagnosed with prostate cancer and being bullied into unnecessary and dangerous treatments that do nothing to extend life but do have serious and negative impact on your quality of life.”
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