The culture of watching movies is very widespread online and it is something that can be considered a piece of art as well. After all, anything that a person puts an effort in should be called an art. The process of making a movie is an art in itself. There are so many things involved in the production, and in turn there will be a lot of people assigned to different things as well. This is one of the things that makes it different from a painting and the like. However, there is beauty in a lot of things as well, even nature in itself is art. When you think about it, the same can be said when you watch movies online. There is beauty in watching it online and here are some of the tips in which you can watch it through an artist’s eye.


When you are an artist, you should really use your eyes to determine if a movie is worth it. When you watch movies online a lot of times, you will learn to recognize the ones with good CG or computer graphics and you will also learn about the ones that has poor CG. One of the ways in which you can determine the quality of a movie is through the CG, especially for those of the fantasy genre as well as the action scenes where it is mostly used and needed.


Another thing that you have to focus on is the cinematography. It would refer to the way the movie was shot, how the sceneries of the place, the background and everything else would be incorporated in the whole movie itself. The cinematography is what wins awards for most movies so that in itself is something to focus on. With the eye of an artist, you should be able to pick which ones are nice from the ones that are not.

Story line

As for the story line, this is only something that you would be able to judge after you have watched the movie for a couple of times. Watching it run only once would not be enough for you to properly understand what the movie you just watched is about. Understanding how things play out is one of the important parts in knowing the story line. The only moment you are allowed to review the movie would be when you have already watched it really good.


Lastly, you should also try go ahead and try to consider a lot of things like the quality of acting of the actors that were involved in the process. You should look to see if they if they fulfill their roles properly and if they were able to portray the character they were supposed to in a good way. The more they are able to really get away from they are able to submerge themselves in characters, then you should really give them a good review. If not, it is up to you to look at it in the way an artist is supposed to.

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