Businesses can get all pumped up with company news of release of quarterly, half yearly and annual reports. Money earned or lost is a serious issue after all. Also, there is Share market news that acts as an indicator playing tuned with public sentiments arousing hope, fear and greed. Economy news India has shown news can get reflected in SENSEX. Like news of stable government can cheer public and index rises. On the other hand, news of plane-hijack can surround them by negative aura that may result loss in points in SENSEX.
Money can be claimed to be most “human” non-living thing. The statement is not made to highlight importance of money but to look for similarities between human and the thing most loved by human. Money can reproduce. Calamities shrink it and luxury accrues it. It augments in diversification and reduces (in value) is confinements of lockers. Shocks are as surprising to money as to us. The list can continue if we let our wings of imagination unwound but that is not the subject. Subject is money and its likeliness and responsiveness to human nature in form of Shares on stock market.

Share Market: Game of Money
With Money, come various emotions (in different ratios, to different individuals) etc. Stock market reflects all these emotions in response to various events captured in economy news India. Companies’ news taken from the companies listed in stock market as large cap, mid cap and small cap contribute in various stories of Business. Those events make Share Market News indicating market to be either bullish or bearish. Bull represents aggression and gain in points. Bear represents the vice-versa.
Stock Market game is often compared with gambling where the gambler never knows what is in his luck. But financial experts tell that it is more than a game of luck. Certain factors and their in-depth analysis can equip with necessary information to understand the rule of this game. No other game can be as interesting as this once understood.

Word of the Day-Prudence
When money is there, caution will also be as it should. Keeping track of Company news and stock market news can save us from unexpected loss from the investment made in shares. Prudence is always required whenever hard earned money is to be put for multiplication. We can try to make sure that whenever there is a report of “down-trend” in market we should not be a part of Economy news India in anyway. Rest remains in the dark of future and how the market and economy turns.

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