Ever since George Romero introduced the modern zombie in Night of the Living Dead, people have been fascinated by zombies. In the 40 years since that movie, in which the word zombie is never mentioned, there has been an evolution in the monster and the horror genre. The latest entry is the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead series started out as a comic book series. There are currently over 100 issues of the comic books. AMC has adapted it into a television series and AMC the walking dead season 2 started airing in October 2011, and is scheduled to run through the spring of 2012.

Season 1 of this show only had 6 episodes, but because of the popularity, walking dead season 2 has more than twice that number, running in a split season, the first part of which aired late fall and winter of 2011. Part two started in late winter of 2012 and finished in the spring.

Even though it is a zombie movie, they are rarely, if ever, called zombies. Instead, they are called Walkers. It appears that a virus was responsible for the Walkers, but eventually the condition is spread by a bite from one of the Walkers. It kills the person who got bitten, and they rise as one of the undead. The only way to kill them is to somehow destroy the brain. In walking dead season 2 the survivors, lead by Rick, work on finding silent ways to dispose of the Walkers, because they are attracted to noises, which can lead to overwhelming herds of them overrunning a position. Since they aren't deterred by threats or the risk of imminent damage, it isn't easy to survive a large amount of Walkers.

The first part of the second series of the walking dead series focuses primarily on the loss of one of the children in the group of survivors. The girl gets scared when a large group of Walkers surround the group. She runs off into the woods and gets lost. When Rick and Darryl, another survivor try to find her, Rick briefly finds her, but has to leave her to get rid of a Walker. Then the other child gets injured during the search and they end up finding a safe haven.

Even though they are in a safe haven, in the walking dead season 2, the division in the group of survivors that got together in season 1 grow larger. There is a lot of worry about what to do. The primary triangle in the group, consisting of Rick, Lori and Shane, also causes more problems, especially after what happened in the last episode of season 1.

The AMC the walking dead season 2 has become popular enough that season 3 has already been picked up and is in production. The ratings appear to be staying consistent over time. The series does deviate from the comic books in some aspects, but is close enough that those familiar with the books would be familiar with what is happening.

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