Goal setting is the most effective way to watch your hopes and dreams turn into realities. It is vitally important for your success to acknowledge your wants and needs in a clear, extensive manner, so follow these three major steps to receive your heart’s desires.

Ask: First ask yourself what it is exactly that you want. Do you want to launch a new business? Do you want to see your net profit increase by a certain percentage this year? Do you want your pet to be housebroken? Whatever the goal is that you want, make it clear, and don’t be shy. These are your wants after all, and you are entitled to them. Your goals must be positive, and they must generate good feelings when you think about them. Don’t make goals for things you think you should accomplish. Make goals for things that will inspire and fulfill YOU, never mind anyone else.

Believe: This may be the toughest part. To believe in your goals and believe that they can and will become realities, you must live in a mentality as if you already achieved them. If you want your pet to be housebroken, thank them every day for remembering to use the outdoors as their bathroom, even if they don’t. Tell yourself and your pet how much you appreciate that their behavior has improved leaps and bounds. Don’t do this in a sarcastic manner, with this you would be reinforcing the position you are in before the goal is met. FEEL this appreciation in your bones, let your emotions go to the place where this goal has been met, this is what will get you to realization level of your goal. Do you want to see sales improve this year? Make a mock up of your book keeping, but make it correspond to reaching your goal. Show where those extra revenues are coming from and look at that financial statement as if it was as real as last year’s.

Receive: Open up to allow your goals to become reality. Often times when you set a goal it is some kind of inspired thought that will get you where you want to be. At any moment a light bulb can turn on in your mind for that million dollar idea to launch your business or advertise to your target market. Take changes, make different choices. The catch to this is that you must always be open to inspiration. Always stay in that mindset where your goals are reached, because then you are reinforcing the idea that they can and will come true, and leaving the how part up to the universe.

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