Water is the most important natural resource and a great gift to the whole humanity. Water is an essential element in all our day-to-day chores like washing clothes and utensils, bathing, cooking and cleaning. It is a human tendency to take things for granted especially if they happen to be free. Famines and droughts did make people understand the importance of water but not enough to avoid the state we are in now. The water reserves of the earth are diminishing and in a few years will cease to exist. The modern technology has assisted humans in the process of desalination. Desalination means removing all the salts and minerals from the water and making it fit for human consumption. This process gives out table salt as its byproduct. In present situation people should start giving a thought to water reuse in an attempt to save water. In India, water is limited and many people do not receive 24-hour water supply. This is due to the water pollution that is increasing everyday in the country.

India has a lot of rivers, which can provide us with ample water, but our people, due to their ignorance, pollute the whole water body. People worship rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Godavari, but they also throw in flowers, garlands and ashes of the dead into the river. It is believed that when someone’s ashes are immersed into the water they achieve’ Moksha’ (Salvation). These rituals have a huge part in the water pollution happening in India. The government should take initiative and start awareness programs to educate people about the importance of water reuse.

In India water bodies also cause a lot of conflict when they lie between two states. Therefore water conservation and water supply should be increased before any blood is spilled for water. Desalination is a very effective measure to form consumable water and India being surrounded by water bodies on three sides has easy access to saline water. If the governmental organizations or non-governmental organizations educate people and initiate rules for water conservation the situation will be better in a few years.

Every citizen can contribute in the process of conserving water. Keeping the tap tightly closed, immediately tending to a leaking tap, closing the water tap while brushing and shaving etc can help a lot in the conservation of water. The water we use for washing our face and hands is basically clean so that water can be treated and used as sprinkler water in the gardens or as the flush water. These are simple ways which can save a lot of water which in return will be useful to our next generations and us. Water will soon turn into a luxury if we do not start saving it from now. Buildings can harvest rainwater and process it to make it consumable and that water will serve as a reserve for times when the water supply is cut off. By saving water we are saving the human kind.

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