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The watercolor is a painting technique that is drawn on cardboard or paper with colors dissolved in water. It is composed of pigments bonded with honey or gum arabic.

An artist to achieve the transparency that is required in the painting must have a firmness to make the strokes and a lot of naturalness for its execution, using the paint by layers, thus achieving the brilliance and skill in the painting that he performs.

Watercolor is usually painted on paper and this should be thicker or thinner according to the size of the work to be painted. There are also different textures and the white background or that is slightly painted because the lights of the paint are the areas that do not have paint and that is where the white background is seen.

The textures can be pressed hot with the smooth surface, cold-pressed with a semi-rough texture, rough paper with a rough texture and enough.

To paint watercolors, some important extra materials such as brushes, rags, water wells, and mixtures are needed, not forgetting the most important of these are the paints. There are many kinds and quality brands such as Rembrandt tube watercolor paints, in beautiful and durable colors.

The brushes are required according to the paint that is done, but mainly the round ones and the planes in their different sizes.

The manufacture of brushes is in hair and synthetic that gives a good result, those of hair is more expensive due to their quality and that of an animal called marten is highly appreciated.

The round brushes are for those broad brushstrokes and also to apply the pointed lines, so they are very versatile when making a watercolor.

The square brushes also have much use according to if using the side of the flat end or side, are much cheaper than round.

The fan-shaped brushes to make the effects of the branches, hair, feathers, the rigger brush which is the special brush to paint those much finer lines.

Creativity has no name and is not limited by implements purchased especially for this, it can be very original using a small sponge or perhaps a toothbrush or stencil brushes.

Watercolor painting requires the paper to be tensioned to prevent wrinkles when it gets wet because when the paper gets wet it expands.

First cut the paper to the desired extent with scissors or cutter. Then with a sponge soaked in water, the paper is wetted, placed on a board, fastened well with adhesive tape or with staples and so when it dries it can not return to its initial size because it is attached.

When it gets wet again with watercolors it does not expand again and so it will not wrinkle. You should always paint starting with the darkest parts of the watercolor and the lighter parts are painted around and thus cover the things that need to be kept white.

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