Popular belief is watermelon is just water and sugar, but actually, watermelon is nutrient dense food. Originated from northeast Africa, watermelon is a fantastic dessert in summer. Having a slice of watermelon with the meal is like dessert, but people are unaware of the nutritional facts of watermelon that helps in maintaining your health in every manner. Watermelon is easily available in the market in the summer season, but watermelon juice is also in trend and is easily available in grocery stores. Some people find it difficult to eat watermelon, and in hurry, they opt for watermelon juice. Many of the watermelon's nutritional benefits are:

• Sore Muscles- Young generation is very much concern about health, being dedicated towards exercise is a good thing. But while starting it causes some health issues like- sore-muscles. Drinking watermelon juice before the workout helps in reducing the risk of next-day muscle soreness and athletes heart rate. This is because watermelon contains amino acid named l-citrulline that converted into l-arginine which further helps in relaxing blood vessels and improves blood circulation. Intestine absorbs more citrulline from watermelon juice than from citrulline supplement, especially when the watermelon juice is unpasteurized.

• Heart- Watermelon containing citrulline and arginine helps postmenopausal women in maintaining cardiovascular health. In obese person, it works as a boon, it alleviates high blood-pressure in middle-aged adults.

• Natural Viagra- Consuming watermelon helps in circulation and keeps heart healthy. But one has to eat awful lot to achieve the desired effect and eating too much could cause unfortunate side effects. So, having in the adequate amount benefits your body in every manner. Watermelon is the natural diuretic.

• Low In Calories And High In Vitamins And Minerals- Watermelon contains 90% of water, and people think that it has less nutritional value. But having 10-ounce of watermelon in your daily diet gives you the recommended daily value of vitamin and minerals. Potassium is also the nutrition that watermelon can easily give to its consumer.

• Combat Cancer- Prevention of the prostate cancer what is needed is antioxidant named lycopene, and it present in watermelon that helps in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

• Asthma Prevention- People, who consume high amount of certain nutrient, are less in the risk of asthma. Watermelon that is rich in vitamin C helps in prevention of asthma.

• Hydration- Made up of 90 percentage of water watermelon is the right option to cure dehydration. It can also be taken in sliced form that are frozen and stored.

• Inflammation- Inflammation, sleep, muscle movement all can be cured by consuming watermelon, as it contains the versatile nutrient named as choline. Choline also helps in the maintenance of structure of cellular membrane.

• Skin- Rich in vitamin C watermelon is great for skin. Sebum production is also properly done by vitamin A so it works best for the hair moisturization. Collagen production done by vitamin C is good for hair and skin.

Add watermelon to your diet and have all the nutritional benefits of it and be healthy.

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