Summers are the onset of a new lease of life where the heat dances and sun watches everyone spending away their time at home or overusing their minds at work. During this season lots of water and fruit intake is a must to keep ourselves hydrated and protected from the scorching heat. Fruits are an adequate source of vitamins and minerals which give everyone a hefty amount of all the essential nutrients a human body requires on an average daily basis. Watermelons, mangoes, oranges, bananas, apples, pineapples, peaches, apricots and melons are the richest source of minerals and nutrients which can give lots of help in summers.

These are like life savers during the summers because even water cannot negotiate with the needs of the body. Watermelons can be found throughout the year in markets but the best quality of watermelons comes out only in summers. The yummy looking, thirst- quenching red fruit gives everyone a reason to enjoy. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceous family. They can be round, oblong or spherical in shape and are green in color with strands all over. It’s not only great in hot summers but also reduces the conditions of suffering from asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis and colon cancer as well.

Water melons constitute about lots of nutrients with it which are beneficial to people’s anatomy. In about 150 grams of water melon there is a whopping 20.5% of vitamin c, 17.2% of vitamin a, 4.8% of potassium and 3.8% of magnesium. The best part about it is that it has only 2% of calories which is almost negligible. It’s a valuable source of carotenoid and lycopene which are also present ion abundance in tomatoes, especially in cooked tomatoes and Watermelons and green tea together help in curing prostrate cancer to a certain extent. Its best if served as chunks with few ice-cubes and a little bit of lime juice. Watermelons are a rich source of vitamin B6 and B1 and also for energy production. They also help in preventing macular degeneration to an extent which can be quite beneficial to patients suffering with eye problems.

Originally water melons were grown in Africa, especially in Egypt. They were considered to be the testaments to their legacy as watermelons were also drawn in painting on walls as well. It was even placed on dead kings’ tombs in Egypt. Such was the regard of African for this fruit. Water melons were brought to China around the 10th century and then it did spread to all other places too. In today’s date water melons are also grown in Russia, Iran, Turkey and the United States.

The best way to choose a water melon is to look for its deep color and covering flesh. Often people should look out for water melons which are heavy and have weight in them Only those which are heavy are considered to be the best out of all, along with that the quality as stated above needs to be confirmed as well. Lastly we would like to wish all those who eat water melons and other fruits in abundance to stay fit and healthy and keep enjoying the delicacies of nature.

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