For understanding the waterproofing mechanism of concrete structure, we should know that each material has its specific quality.

Water leakage is the most burring problem for all type of structures. It is common for R.C.C. Buildings, steel structures with Steel Roof, water tanks, Basements etc. includes We have advanced in the construction activities very much. Waterproofing mechanism of concrete structures is the process of making objects or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it can't be affected by an external environment. We can construct 100+ storied buildings with totally Indian technology. Similarly, we have advanced in Infrastructure construction like tall bridges (Konkan Railway), Fully underground metro, highways in difficult Himalayeen terrain without any imported expertise. This technological advance is somewhat missing when it comes to waterproofing field. We have many products available. Many of them are manufactured with Technical Collaboration with MNCs from advanced countries from Europe, America etc. The achievement to have properly waterproof structure is not seen regularly. It is still elusive to have 100% waterproof structure.


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We are going to deal with various facets of this problem in this 2 days workshop. The first question comes to mind is why water leaks through a seemingly strong, stone-like material concrete.