Overcoming shyness is a very important personal development step to make. When you make it, you see almost every area of your live improve. So you might as well make it effectively.

Shyness is a common psychological trait for two reasons. The first is that the way many of us get educated and conditioned socially encourages us to become highly self-conscious and feel shy.

The second reason is that people generally lack the tools and means to effectively address shyness and beat it. They may discover some good ideas to apply, they may put them into practice on their own, but they eventually give up and they often return to their reserved way of behaving.

This is where a shyness support group can come in to help you with your personal development process. A shyness support group creates a context for shy people to meet, discuss their issues and help each other make real progress.

The Key Benefits of a Group

The first visible effect of participating in such a group that people see is getting a better understanding of their condition and realizing they’re not alone. Thus, they develop more motivation to change and they discover better ways to address their timidity.

Secondly, in a shyness support group, individuals find a safe environment to practice, to do various shyness overcoming exercises and to improve their people skills. This makes it much easier to then continue in real life with their practice and to keep developing.

Last but not least, such a group helps people to stay committed to their personal development goals, to keep practicing day by day, to overcome setbacks and to eventually achieve the results they want.

This is particularly important as shy people will often tend to procrastinate or give up altogether. Exposing themselves to social situations more and more can be physically and emotionally draining, and they require the proper assistance to do it.

Joining a Group

By this point you probably see the benefits a shyness support group provides for people who want to become more socially confident. So now you may be wondering how you can find and join such a group.

Before I get into that topic, I want to point out that there are basically two types of shyness support groups that you can join: online groups and in-person groups. Each type has its pluses and minuses.

Online groups are easy to find by simply doing a search on Google, and they’re easy to join by creating an account. They are often quite large and when you ask for advice, you’ll get many perspectives. On top of this, many shy people find it much easier to open up online, using a nickname that hides their real identity.

In-person groups require you to push yourself out of your comfort zone more, meet face to face with other people and share your challenges in order to receive support. The support and bonding on the other hand tend to be much better, due to the more personal form of contact.

You can typically find out online about support groups in your area, even by asking the people on an online shyness group. They you can give them a call or send them an email and ask how you can join.

Whichever type of group you choose, it’s important to actually pick one, join it and make use of it. It will help you make a lot more progress than you would on your own and truly beat shyness.

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Eduard Ezeanu is a communication coach with an attitude-based approach. If you enjoyed this article, also learn how to overcome shyness and discover how to make people like you from two peak articles on his People Skills Decoded blog.