If you are looking forward to advertising your brand this upcoming event, then it is mandatory to make it different from the previous strategy applied. Go for promotional tablecloths and dices and see the difference.

Promotional gifts are a standard marketing tool that is used by brands. This kind of gifting is most definitely a part of advertising, but the catch here is that to make sure the items are interesting and useful for regular use, while at the same time caters the brand message, nonchalantly. Yes, the message should be clear, but not over the top and spoken aloud. The beauty of promotional items is that there are not on your face and at the same time does the job of brand promotion. So, let’s check out some of the promotional tools and gimmicks that are used by companies to make sure their brand echo reaches far and wide.

Printed Tablecloths

Tablecloths are much needed for every day and regular use. The printed ones look great. What companies actually do is that they make their logo design imprinted boldly. This strategy of printing the company logo on the tablecloth is a great trick. Anyone using the tablecloth instantly notices it and this, in turn, creates the much-required brand hype that you are looking for.

Embroider the logo

If you are not too fond of printing, then consider embroidery. This is certainly going to work better, as the logo design ought to be sharper. Embroidered design also looks more personalised and the impression, henceforth, tends to be much better.

Variety of printing techniques applied

There are several kinds of printing techniques that you can opt for. The most popular option is the Vinyl printing that is used by using the range of colours in stock. The embroidery design is also common, but the problem here is that they have a size restriction for the logo to be designed. However, white tablecloth printing is the most common promotional tool and for this nothing can be better than “dye sublimation”. However for dye sublimation printing, some companies have size restrictions, so the logo design cannot be stretched more than a pre-decided size.

For some individual cases, with extra charges, printing can be done just as desired regardless of the size of the logo and the printing methodology applied.

The more, the merrier
The one thing about promotional products is that the more you circulate them, the higher is the brand publicity. This does not mean that you have to buy more and spend more. Make sure you order dices and tablecloths in bulk and circulate them among the people, probably during any event or so, where gifting would look appropriate for the occasion.

Although there are many advertising techniques for the promotional products, the best thing is personal gifting. A lot of positivity already gets developed when you are gifting products for promotional purposes. The next thing that usually happens is that your brand is looked upon with a positive ray of light that helps in attracting potential consumers.

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The author Ron Spencer is a reputed PR executive and highly recommends opting for promotional tablecloths for promoting your brand. Custom dice in UK has also worked well as a promotional tool.