Many of us go through life not grasping why we continually make the same mistakes. We follow the same patterns and live in the same ruts, unhappy and discontent with our situation but unable to come up with any lasting change. Does this sound like you?

You might have gone to some seminars, read books, even taken some courses but still you end up back at square one in the same dysfunctional patterns that you have always followed. Have you ever asked yourself why it is this way?

We have difficulty making permanent changes in our lives simply because we put info into our conscious mind only. You see, the conscious mind is not what actually controls your behavior and beliefs.

In order to alter the ways in which you behave you first have to reprogram the hard-wired center of your mind which is of course you subconscious.

How Does the Subconscious Function?

Your subconscious is the biggest part of your mind. This is where the messages you receive throughout your life are stored. It contains untold millions of thoughts all clustered in groups which form your beliefs, your mind-set, and your character traits.

The relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds can be likened to an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg that is visible is the conscious mind. The part hidden, the huge lower portion - that is the subconscious mind.

We cannot see this part in action but it has a huge impact on the journey that you take in your life.

All the behaviors that you learn live in the subconscious mind. When you have learnt how to walk you no longer think about the process of lifting one foot, placing it down, and so on, right? No, your subconscious mind controls your steps automatically.

With repetition and practice the subconscious learns in the same way that it learnt to control your footsteps when you learnt how to walk. It controls the footsteps along your life journey as well based on what you have reinforced all through your life.

The great news is that the subconscious mind can actually be reprogrammed simply by inputting and reinforcing new thoughts and actions. There are various techniques that you can make use of to access the subconscious mind and so reprogram the way it operates.

Below are a selection of strategies that you can implement to change your mind and your life:

1. Affirmations - These change the subconscious by making use of positive, personal, present-tense statements that override the embedded negative thinking patterns. When we repeat these affirmations we are able to forge new paths in your subconscious that provide it with novel attitudes.

Your subconscious then causes you to act in new ways that are in harmony with the new attitudes. For instance you could repeat something like: "I choose healthy food each mealtime." This can change your mind-set regarding what you consume and why.

2. Visualization - This involves the creation of mental pictures that show a preferred outcome in order for you to see success for yourself. They stimulate the subconscious which accepts them as real and then directs your behavior accordingly. Many successful athletes have used this method even during game-time.

3. Hypnosis - This is a form of therapy that works with subconscious mind and eases you into a state of utter relaxation. When you attain this level the conscious mind no longer holds sway and the subconscious is much easier to access.

When you are under hypnosis it is easier to reprogram the subconscious mind so that it accepts new thoughts as reality.

4. Subliminal Audios - These can even be used when you are sleeping. While the conscious mind listens to music or to a person talking on one level the subconscious picks up a different layer of info that is actually recorded beneath the audible portion.

When you are awake the conscious mind is distracted with the audible portion of the recording and therefore makes it more difficult to access the subconscious.

Methods and techniques such as those we have looked at are effective in helping to reprogram your subconscious mind and lessen or even remove the burden of negative thoughts that are hidden there. Just think of the life you can live free of the dysfunctional behaviors that you have been subject to for so long.

Transforming a negative outlook into a positive one means that you can achieve much more. Your mind will no longer be held captive by negative programming and you will be able to excel and succeed throughout your life.

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