Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit New York every year. Also, New Yorkers are ardent travelers, and it’s hard to find one who hasn’t been to the JFK airport more than once.
JFK International Airport, New York’s primary airport, operates a considerable number of domestic and international flights. And with so many fliers leaving and entering New York, there’s an obvious need for reliable ways to get to and go from the airport. Let’s check them out.

Van Services

These are door-to-door services that provide shared and on-demand drops to the airport. Van services to JFK airport are not very expensive, because the vans can accommodate 20-40 people per trip, depending on van type.

Whether it’s a corporate van or sprinter van for small to medium-sized groups or a luxurious Mercedes van that comes with a host of complimentary services for premium passengers or a Minibus - van services to JFK airport are a useful mode of transportation to and from JFK Airport.

Express Bus

For budget-conscious travelers or those with substantial luggage, the express bus service works best. These buses are available from both Grand Central Terminal and Port Authority Terminal at intervals of 15-20 minutes, from 6:15 A.M. up to 10 P.M.

The ride from the terminals to the airport should take anything from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the traffic. The buses will make multiple stops en route, so be sure to have enough time in your hands if you plan to avail of this service.

Subway to JFK

It is another cost-effective option to reach JFK airport. The E-service from midtown will take you to the Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue stop. This stop connects you to the Jamaica AirTrain station. This AirTrain takes you to JFK. Coming from Brooklyn, take the A to Howard Beach station and then hop on to the AirTrain.

At peak hours, the trains run frequently, but if it’s early morning or closes to midnight, then the waiting time will be higher. The travel time will also vary depending on whether the train is running on express or local mode.

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)

You can hop on to this rail facility from Penn Station, Brooklyn, or Queens. The Jamaica station is the connecting point of the LIRR with the AirTrain. The travel time is lesser than the subway services, but the frequency isn’t as high. The ticket charges are also higher as compared to the subway.

Cab/Car Services

It will take you to the airport fastest, provided the rush hour traffic doesn’t get in the way. You can avail of the ubiquitous yellow taxis or app cabs like Uber. The charges will be similar unless there’s surge pricing in Uber, or you can avail Uber pool service if you have sufficient time in your hands.

Charges for car service will vary between operators, and it will be better if you book it in advance. Most of them offer special airport pricing that can, at times, be lesser than a taxi service.

Thus, you have a range of options when it comes to traveling to JFK airport. Choose the mode depending on the charges, possible traffic, quantity of luggage, and the time at your disposal.

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